For some, there’s nothing better than boating, camping, and spending time outside when the weather is beautiful. For pets, that can be a recipe for disaster. Remind pet owners of the dangers of hot weather for their pets by checking out this helpful free “Beat the Heat” download for veterinary clinics.

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As of March 31, 2019, there are over 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Of those, 1.56 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily. 29.7% of Facebook users are aged 25 to 34, making it the most common age demographic and your prime target audience.

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The birds are singing, the snow is all but gone – spring is officially here! While we promote year-round use of flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives, now is the time to promote the purchase of preventatives to your clients. Check out our March post for content and graphic ideas to share with your clients.

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National Pet Day DogNational Pet Day CatApril 11 – National Pet Day

Celebrate your client’s pets on National Pet Day! You can increase engagement on your posts by asking followers to post pictures of their pets, or even host a contest to feature a pet as your Facebook cover photo for the rest of the month. If you want to take it a step further, offer a dollar amount off of services in the clinic, discounts, or treat or toy samples.

Suggested Post: Happy National Pet Day! Celebrate your furry friend(s) by posting a photo of them in the comments!

National Pet ID Week CatNational Pet ID Week DogApril 14-20 – National Pet ID Week

National Pet ID Week is an opportunity to bring awareness to an incredibly important topic – microchipping pets and keeping the microchip information up-to-date. Remind your social media followers of the service you offer and any success stories you’ve experienced. You can also visit AVMA and HomeAgain for downloadable materials to use in your clinic.

Suggested Post: The thought of losing a pet can be an owner’s worst nightmare. Experience the peace of mind that comes with microchipping your pet. Should the nightmare ever become a reality, ensure your pet is returned as quickly as possible, you’ll be grateful to have had them microchipped!

This week is National Pet ID Week, and if your pet is already microchipped, we want to remind you to check the chip’s information to make sure it’s up-to-date!

Happy EasterApril 21 – Easter

Wish your followers a happy Easter and remind them of keeping their pets safe by keeping chocolate and candy out of the way.

Suggested Post: From everyone at our clinic, happy Easter! If the Easter Bunny visited your house and brought treats, remember to keep them out of reach of your pets.


Lost Dog Awareness DayApril 23 – Lost Dog Awareness Day

Piggy-back off National Pet ID Week by reminding dog owners of the importance of microchipping their pet.

Suggested Post: One in three pets will become lost at some point during their life. Don’t let your dog become a part of the statistic. Make your appointment today to bring them in for a microchip appointment!


National Hairball Awareness DayApril 26 – National Hairball Awareness Day

While many cat owner's may shrug off the occassional hairball, National Hairball Awareness Day is an opportunity to educate followers on the cause, concern, and prevention of hairballs. By sharing, you may encourage owners to seek veterinary treatment for a problem they may have otherwise dismissed.

Suggested Post: As a cat owner, the sound you most dread is the sound of a hairball. While the occasional hairball may not be anything serious, hairballs are not a normal part of a healthy cat’s life. If your furry feline experiences frequent hairballs, we recommend bringing them in for a visit to ensure there isn’t an underlying medical concern causing hairballs.

World Veterinary DayApril 27 – World Veterinary Day

World Veterinary Day is a wonderful day to celebrate everything you! Everyone in a veterinary clinic plays an integral part in a pet owner’s life. You keep their fur-baby safe, healthy, and happy!

Suggested Post: Happy World Veterinary Day! All over the world, veterinary teams play an integral role in keeping all animals healthy, happy, and safe. From first puppy or kitten visits to supporting you while you say goodbye, late night emergency visits to only seeing you once a year, our veterinary team is there for you and your pet!

For a full list of upcoming holidays your veterinary clinic can promote on social media, download the 2019 Social Media Calendar for Veterinary Clinics from VHA!

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Spring should theoretically be right around the corner, but the snow we have been receiving says otherwise. Regardless, the First Day of Spring is March 20, so hopefully, Mother Nature shapes up and brings on the warmer temperatures!

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February, a month of iconic holidays and cold weather. But while we dream of spring and warmer temperatures, it’s the perfect time to educate your followers on important topics and the services you provide.

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With various Crazy Days or town and county fairs and celebrations, it’s important for your veterinary clinic to be prepared for your involvement with branded merchandise. Parades, open houses, booths, and Crazy Days are all just a few of the opportunities you have to meet face-to-face with current and potential clients, and you want to make your meeting memorable.

Innovative Office Solutions has a wide range of promotional materials available (over 33,000!) that are designed to meet any budget. VHA members receive end quantity pricing – an extreme discount from the listed prices!

Enjoy making each meeting with clients memorable with branded promotional materials from Innovative Office Solutions. Don’t miss the special extreme discount for VHA members! Get started today by visiting or by contacting Melissa via email at or by phone at 763.441.6800.

Looking for ideas? Check out the gallery of suggested products below!

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It is FINALLY getting hot outside! It is a great time to remind your clients about the dangers of leaving their pet in a hot car. Sadly this is a real problem but if we educate pet owners about the deadly consequences we can prevent this. Too many dogs die inside cars every summer. 

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hot asphaltAs the weather gets hotter, so does the asphalt. Many pet owners may not even realize this is something they should worry about. Take this month to educate your clients about this potential danger. A good way to test the asphalt temperature is to place the back of your hand on the pavement and if you are unable to keep it there for 5 seconds then it is too hot. It is a good idea to: walk your pet in the early morning or late evening, walk them in the grass, or wait until it cools down. There are also waxes or booties that can be purchased if walking on hot asphalt is unavoidable. 

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Doesn’t a summer social event or an evening sound like fun? What if you turned that into a community event in which residents could meet your staff, tour your facility, and learn about the best ways to care for their pets? Now is a great time to plan an event for your clinic as the positive impressions tote bagssummertime weather offers great opportunities for veterinary practices to kick off a fun event to market their practice.

To start, print out handy information for pet parents to bring home with them on animal-related invoice paper. You could also make appointments during this event and fill out appointment reminder cards that display a fun summer flair. Positive Impressions, a supportive VHA partner, helps practices create successful marketing campaigns – from promoting summertime pest awareness message to developing an eye-catching design that brings attention to your promotion, specific message or event you want to share. They also offer custom products, too!

positive impressions magnet examplesLooking for other ways to brand your clinic? Consider sending client’s home with educational materials, samples, and goodies in a brightly colored tote bag. They are also perfect to pass out at parades and other social events. Include a magnet with your practice information, promotions, or practice announcements, such as special events or new doctors or services offered, and this could be the perfect way to gain exposure in your community! Magnets have one of the lowest advertising costs per impression when it comes to marketing, and if you combine a clinic magnet with a handful of candy for the children or a fun-sized cat toy or dog treat and you’ve got a winning combination!

positive impressions flower pet memorialLastly, spring and summer are a wonderful time to plant beautiful flowers. Positive Impressions also carries blooming memorials that grow into a living tribute when planted. They come in a variety of styles and can easily be slid into a sympathy card you send to the client. Friends and family can cherish the life of a pet and will be reminded of the life they celebrated every time they look to their garden.

Contact Positive Impressions to get your special event, marketing campaign, or practice the exposure you want! Learn more at

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In support of our 2018 Social Media Marketing Calendar for veterinary practices, we will be publishing monthly blogs with helpful social media posts and graphics you can use on your practice’s social media profile. There are many observances and holidays you can post about on social media every month, but for the month of February we have three listed below. You can even use the included graphic in your post, just click the image for the full size, right click, and "Save As"!

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