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Teleradiology Service

Service:  Teleradiology Service


Partner Company:
University of Minnesota
1365 Gortner Ave
St. Paul, MN 55108
Phone: 612-625-1200
Fax: 612-624-4725


Description:  The University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Imaging Group is excited to offer a comprehensive, rapid teleradiology consulting service to VHA members.  Think of our service as adding an in-house university imaging department to your hospital.  We are one of a few university based teleradiology services in the country. We offer:
    • Monday through Saturday service with the exception of the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    • 24-hour or less turnaround time on all submissions Monday through Saturday.  Typically cases submitted by 4:00pm CST are read the same day.  Cases submitted after 4:00pm CST on Saturday are typically read on Monday.
    • Complete written report emailed and/or faxed to your clinic for each case.  Email reports can be sent to a generic clinic email or an individual doctor’s email account.
    • All cases are read by one of the board certified radiologists at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine.
    • Billing through the VHA resulting in a volume discount for VHA members.



$40 Per Consult (A 10% savings for VHA members!)

Turnaround: 24-Hour or less turnaround time on all submissions Monday through Friday.


How It Works:

For Digital Film:
Complete the New Client Teleradiology Checklist and the Teleradiology Educational Use Agreement.  Fax these forms (preferred method) to 612-624-4725 or mail to:


Medical Imaging Attn: Kari Anderson
Veterinary Medical Center
University of Minnesota
1365 Gortner Ave
St. Paul, MN 55108


Via the phone and email, DVMInsight will contact the clinic and provide you with the proper instruction necessary for image and patient data submissions.  You will also receive free access to the DVMInsight website where you will be able to view the submitted images and completed reports at anytime.  Please allow 2-3 working days for activation of your account.


For Non-Digital (Analog Film):
Complete the VHA Radiographic Consultation Request form for each consultation.  The VHA driver will pick up the film, when requested, and transport to The University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center.  Once films are read, the VHA driver will return them to the clinic.
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VHA Operation Renovation - $50K Makeover Begins

June 2014: The Operation Renovation team (Imagine IT, Innovative Office Solutions, Sullivan Day Construction, Krech/O'Brien/Mueller & Associates, Veterinary Management Services and the VHA) has met with Dr. Mary Philippson to discuss their recommendations. Follow Ark Pet Hospital’s progress on video and give Dr. Mary your feedback and encouragement on the VHA Facebook page.

Wednesday, July 16: Minnesota Veterinary Institute (MVI)
For members who have signed up for the 2014 Dentistry Series, "Oral Maxillofacial Trauma and Emergency Dentistry" (lecture & wet lab) 8am-4:30 beginning at the University of MN Pomeroy Learning Center #215, Lunch is provided.


"In March 2013, we switched from Wells Fargo to US Bank. We were astounded by the savings. For 2013, our year-to-date savings on credit card processing is over $20,000. In addition, the customer service at US Bank has been phenomenal. I highly recommend their services. Thank you, VHA, for making this excellent recommendation to the members."

–Dr. Jennifer Blair, St. Francis Animal & Bird Hospital

"VHA not only provides an excellent pricing structure, they also offer us a wider variety of available products so we can buy closer-to-need. They are our ‘go-to’ people on anything we need."

–Dr. Ken Ambrose & Dr. Julia Berndt, Minnesota Valley Pet Hospital


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