Here comes November! It’s time for thankfulness, spending time with family and friends, great shopping deals, and an influx of pancreatitis cases on Black Friday because Spike found his way into the Thanksgiving trash and had a snacksident while everyone was out shopping. Ah, so much to look forward to in November. A feast for the eyes, check out all of these opportunities to educate, entertain, and engage with your clients this month on social media




November 1st is the perfect time to remind clients that parasite prevention is a year-round effort! It’s also Pet Groomer Appreciation Day, so if you have a groomer on staff or a preferred grooming business that you like to recommend to clients, it’s a great day to show them some appreciation!

Pet parents know that on November 6th, while everyone else gets an extra hour of sleep for the end of Daylight Savings Time, that their precious fur babies will be ready for breakfast and to go outside and potty at their normal time because pets don’t observe daylight savings! It’s a great day to make a little joke about the joys of pet ownership!

National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day is on November 7th. As the most common form of cancer in dogs, take this awareness day as an opportunity to share info about Lymphoma, including signs/symptoms, most at-risk groups, and how you make a diagnosis.

Make sure you thank your Veteran followers on Veterans Day, November 11th!

The world could do with a little more kindness. While we are all gearing up to be grateful and thankful, World Kindness Day on November 13th is a great time to feature that really nice review you received or that awesome client that brought you donuts last week. Do something kind for one another, for a charitable cause, or thank your clients for being so kind- kindness is contagious!

We speak their language pretty fluently, but for some folks, the secret language of their pet eludes them. World Hello Day on November 21st is an awesome time to talk about introducing pets to new people or other pets and what a safe “hello!” looks like! Take this opportunity to talk about body language to look for that shows a pet isn’t really into the greeting and what signs they give that point to a new person or pet friend!

Thanksgiving is on November 24th, and there is A LOT to do in the build-up to the day. I make a checklist for the week leading up to Thanksgiving that covers all the bases, and here is everything I like to cover before the big day:

  •             Safety Reminders including toxic foods, information about pancreatitis, safe traveling with pets, and helping pets through the hubbub of the holiday.
  •             Something FUN! Look for a Thanksgiving-themed pet comic to share, or play the always popular “Your pet is now named after your favorite Thanksgiving food, what is their new name?” game!
  •             A reminder of the days that the clinic is closed and a reminder to order any medications to receive them in time.
  •            The big DAY! Let your clients know that you are thankful for them and their pets!
  •             Have an in-house retail area? Shift inventory before the new year and offer a Black Friday deal if you can!

Independently owned clinics are becoming increasingly rare. Remind your clients that you are a small business on Small Business Saturday this November 26th, and thank them for their patronage! The aspects of independent ownership vs. a corporate-owned clinic are very apparent to us in the industry, but something clients might not have considered, so remind them of the value you bring to your community!

Giving Tuesday on November 29th is the PURRfect time to shout out a rescue or shelter partner! If you are able, make a donation as a clinic and encourage clients to consider animal welfare organizations if they are looking for somewhere to give back!

Speaking of good causes, November 6-12th is Animal Shelter Appreciation Week! Shout out your local shelter or rescue, talk about your relationship with them, and share some of their available pets looking for happy homes for the holidays!

November is National Senior Pet Month and National Adopt-A-Senior Pet Month! Take this opportunity to give tips about caring for senior pets, promote any senior pet wellness packages you offer, and ask for photos of your gray muzzle community!

November is also National Pet Cancer Awareness Month. With one in four dogs and one in five cats being affected at some point, cancer education is essential for pet owners. Provide information on treatment (Do you offer oncology services? If not, who is your recommended partner for treatment?), signs and symptoms, a heartwarming survivor story if you have one, or a tribute to those lost to cancer.

Just like cancer awareness, Pet Diabetes Awareness Month is also in November and is imperative for pet owners to learn more about!

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