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May 11, 2021
Dr. Jennifer Peters, DABVP
Which Preventative Medications are Best for Your Practice?
Preventative medication is a topic that has changed dramatically in the last 10 years due to the introduction of dozens of new products. Some of these products are new formulations, whereas others are ‘new’ but like other pre-existing products. With the influx of products, how do you know which ones to use in your practice? When making decisions...
Apr 13, 2021
Elizabeth Racine, DVM
Atopic Dermatitis in Companion Animals
It is that time of year again: allergy season. Like humans, our canine and feline patients suffer from the influx of pollen, dust, and other allergens that herald the coming of spring. Pruritic skin disease is one of the most common reasons why pets are brought to the veterinary clinic each year, and allergies are a frequent diagnosis. However, despite...
Nov 04, 2020
Abby Henstein, Virtuwoof Co-Founder
National Pet Brands Continuing to Invest in Offering Veterinary Care Services
Abby Henstein, Virtuwoof Co-Founder, explains how locally owned and operated veterinary clinics have a distinct advantage over pet retailers and national pet brands.
Sep 30, 2020
Jessica Lee, CVPM
The Hidden Gem of Client Communication in These Unprecedented Times
COVID-19 has taught us many things, including how important clear communication is. PawsTime offers solutions and suggestions to ensure your veterinary clinic's communication strategies are effective.
Sep 08, 2020
Bill Butler
Workers Compensation Premium Audits for Veterinarians
Bill Butler of Butler Vet Insurance shares the 10 Commandments for Workers Compensation Premium Audits for veterinary practice owners.