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The Hidden Gem of Client Communication in These Unprecedented Times

pawstime winter covidIf you are like most veterinary practices, not only are things a bit crazy right now, but with the colder weather coming, you also have concerns about how to communicate your COVID-19 protocols. Like most practices, you are likely experiencing higher than usual call volume, which means increased hold time, regardless of how diligently your customer service representative’s work.

With all the ways to share information, utilizing telephone hold time is often overlooked. Telephone messages on hold are the hidden gem of marketing. Not only do messages keep clients engaged and educated when they are on hold, but they can be used to communicate what your protocols are so that clients know exactly what to do when they arrive at the clinic, reducing stress for both your clients and your staff.

See What Message On-Hold Can Do for Your Staff and Your Clients

  • Communicates your COVID-19 appointment protocols so clients know what to expect
  • Sends clients to your website, online pharmacy, mobile apps, and other forms of communication that you offer to reduce the burden on your front desk
  • Gives the front desk peace-of-mind knowing that there is quality information for clients to listen to while they spend time on hold
  • Reduces pet owners' stress from waiting on hold to silence, music, or confusing outdated messages, making them more pleasant and agreeable when you return to the line
  • Makes hold time educational and informative for callers leading to increased service usage
  • Keeps clients engaged and entertained so that their perception of their wait time shortened (when clients face silence on hold, the perception of their wait time is three times longer than it actually is!)
  • Educates pet owners on wellness topics and health conditions that they may not have understood or known about before, ultimately increasing treatment acceptance
  • Clients feel that same level of attention to detail they experience when they bring their pet to your practice as they do when they are placed on hold

pawstime winter covid 2Telephone Hold Time in a Veterinary Hospital

Pre-COVID-19, the average animal hospital placed callers on hold for more than 25 hours each month. For most practices, that amount of time has doubled or even tripled in recent months! With things evolving rapidly, now more than ever, it's important that you take advantage of all the opportunities to communicate changes to your protocols just as quickly. You work hard to build and retain relationships with your clients. Not maintaining your clients' experience while on hold leaves a hole in your client communication.

Consider These Callers Reactions to Telephone Hold Time

  • Silence is the #2 complaint about phone systems, second only to busy signals
  • Nearly 60% of callers placed on-hold to silence for one minute will hang-up
  • 30% of first-time callers who hang up to on-hold silence will not call back
  • An AT&T survey showed that callers left on-hold to silence perceived their wait to be three times longer than it actually was
  • 88% of callers prefer on-hold messages over both music and silence
  • Studies show callers stay on-hold up to 3 times longer with on-hold messages.

PawsTime Messages On-Hold: Easy, Affordable, and Effective

It's obvious that the telephone plays a huge part in your client interaction. What may not have been so obvious is the opportunity your telephone hold time gives you. What if you could maximize that hold time with virtually no staff effort? That's where PawsTime comes in. PawsTime messages on-hold are designed exclusively for veterinary hospitals.

  • Messages are managed by PawsTime each month, requiring virtually no staff effort to stay current
  • Core messages change monthly, keeping content interesting and fresh
  • Monthly message on-hold PawdCast automatically updated on the first of each month via the internet
  • Custom seasonal library created specifically for your practice
  • Event promotions (open house, pictures with Santa, dental specials) included in the monthly fee
  • Monthly companion email with downloadable infographics each month
  • Social media posts to utilize on Facebook and other social media sites

Changes to your messages are quick, easy, and unlimited. Simply email us or give us a call and we'll take it from there to ensure your critical information stays up to date.

Your telephone hold time should be working for you, not against you. Spending time trying to eliminate hold time doesn't make sense. PawsTime messages on-hold are the most cost-effective and well-received way to maximize your telephone hold time.

You can learn more about PawsTime at www.pawstime.com or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. VHA Members, when you call, don't forget to mention that you are a member of VHA to receive special member-only pricing!