5 Ways Veterinary Clinics Can Take Advantage of the Pokémon Go Craze

July 26, 2016
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If you haven’t heard of the new mobile game Pokémon Go, you could ask your staff or children if they have and I bet the answer will be a resounding yes. It’s dominated airwaves, TV time, social media, and just about every major publication has published an article about the records this game has shattered in the few short weeks it has been out.

In short, Pokémon Go is a mobile game that utilizes the players’ physical location and camera to show virtual Pokémon around them. Players throw Pokéballs to catch them and spend time earning experience and other items to level their Pokémon up to become the strongest. They battle at PokéGyms to earn extra daily bonuses, and check in at PokéStops to earn free gear needed to play the game. It gets players out walking around their neighborhood and working with friends, family, and neighbors to secure PokéGyms in their teams’ favor.

The game is excessively popular among players ages 13 to 30, and sometimes entire families are involved in walking or driving around to places Pokémon can be found. How can your veterinary clinic take advantage of the craze sweeping the world?

pokestop lureDetermine if your clinic is a PokéStop or located near one.

If your clinic is a PokéStop or located near one, advertise it! Entice people to stop by to earn in-game content and learn about the services you can provide to their real-life pets. Not everyone who stops will have a pet, but they have friends and family they can tell about your clinic and their experience there.

Drop a Lure at a PokéStop

One of the greatest tools in your veterinary clinic’s bag will a Lure. This can be placed at a PokéStop and will attract rare Pokémon to the PokéStop for 30 minutes. Anyone in the area who looks at their map will be able to see virtual confetti raining down on the PokéStop and will know that a Lure has been placed – and will travel to the stop to catch the Pokémon that appear. The more players that come to the PokéStop when the lure is placed, the higher the chances of rarer Pokémon appearing are!

Determine if your clinic is a PokéGym or located near one

Players join one of three teams and can work together to take over PokéGyms and earn daily bonuses. If your veterinary clinic is a PokéGym or located near one, you can encourage your veterinary team to join the same team and work together to take over the local gym. When your clinic has it secured, issue challenges on social media to opposing teams to try to take you down and earn in-game gear and real-life discounts and prizes at your clinic!

Need dog walking volunteers?

In the game, players can also collect eggs. However, the only way to hatch the eggs is to walk anywhere from 2 km up to 5 km. If you have dogs that need to be walked, advertise to potential volunteers that they can hatch their Pokémon eggs and help a furry friend in need!

office eeveeBe active on social – share sightings!

Don’t have a PokéStop or PokéGyms near your veterinary clinic? Never fear! Pokémon can be sighted in all sorts of locations. Snap and share photos of Pokémon hanging out at your reception desk, annoying your office pet, taking a dunk in the fish tank, or helping with a patient in an exam room. It’s a fun way to lighten the mood on social media and share rare Pokémon sightings that get people walking into your clinic.

Pokémon Go is just getting started and their potential to have a lasting impact on how businesses market to players is huge. Take advantage of the hype, get creative, and have fun!