The Ten Commandments of Communication

September 9, 2016
Written by  Ted Schick

communication group 1940x900 35361In my years of working with companies and organizations, from topics of leadership to teamwork to customer service, communication (or the lack of) always tops the list of organizational challenges. And it’s no wonder really - communication takes work, energy, and thoughtfulness to be done well. Organizations have to want to be better at it!

In our fun and engaging presentation at the 2016 VHA Expo, we will look at The Ten Commandments of Communication (as compiled by me from my years of experience) covering the 10 Commandments of Communication, including:

  • Keep your promises - How many bosses have we worked for who didn’t keep their promises? Critical to their leadership reputation, leaders lose credibility when they don’t follow through with what they say. DWYSYWD (what does this stand for?)
  • Keep people informed - Such a simple thing but I can’t tell you how leaders fail to let people know what’s going on. It is respect to keep people informed. When change is prevalent in an organization, fear can rule and rumors grow if we fail to keep people informed. Remind me to tell you my US Navy story of what happens when we fail to keep sailors informed.
  • Connect frequently - “Shaking hands and kissing babies” - this is not just reserved for our politicians in an election year. Leadership is relationships. Talk to people, connect with people. This is not wasted time but critical to the social network of leading. How well do you really know your people? Connect - and find out.

Join me on November 3, 2016 at the 2016 VHA Expo and learn the rest of The Ten Commandments of Communication and put them to work for you today!

About the Author:

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Ted Schick is a corporate trainer, professional speaker and consultant with his own business, Schick Corporate Learning. A retired naval officer who rose up from the enlisted ranks, Ted has over 30 years’ experience leading people. With over 20 years in teaching, Ted holds a BA Business from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, a teaching certificate from Bemidji State University, and Master of Education from the University of Minnesota, Duluth. Ted is a member and past president of the Lake Superior Chapter of the American Society of Training and Development located in Duluth, MN. Ted is active in his community with 13 years on the Spirit Mountain Ski Patrol and volunteering with local animal humane societies such as Animal Allies in Duluth and Friends of Animals in Cloquet. Ted is also part of the Cloquet Rotary and Mentor Duluth. In his “spare" time, he has been a stand-up comedian, teaches Boot Camp fitness classes in the Twin Ports and is an accomplished triathlete.