Using Versatile Products to Promote Your Practice - Part 1

August 28, 2017
Written by  Positive Impressions

With so many products available today that can be personalized, each of these products can be used in a variety of ways to create a positive impression while promoting your business. The following are a few of the most popular ways to use a variety of products to make the biggest impact for your company, make long-lasting relationships with your clients and drive business while promoting your “brand”.

pi calendarMemorial Products

Although nothing can truly make a client feel better after their beloved pet passes, you can help comfort them and let them know your business cares by sending a hand-selected assortment of memorial products. These can be used several ways, including:

Keepsake bags – These bags have been used to give cremation remains to the grieving pet owners or for a sort of gift bag for other memorial products such as clay paws, stamp-able memorial cards, or even pet loss jewelry.  They can also be filled with treats, the pet’s collar, and favorite toys or fill them with promotional items such as business cards, brochures for a new client, special promotional items and giveaways.

Frame stamp-able inserts or sympathy inserts – These personalized stamp-able inserts can be used as a nice keepsake by writing the pet’s name on them and stamping their nose or paw print on the card or by putting them on top of cremation remains. They are often also placed in a nice frame as a memorial for a loved companion.

Clay paws – Adorable commemorative clay paws can be used to symbolize a life well lived, adoption, birthday, holiday, companionship, accomplishment (finished training, competition, etc.). They have also been popular for use as an ornament memorializing a beloved pet.          

Ribbons – Attach a ribbon to a dog tag, cremation urn or clay paws. Can also be used to attach special flyers, coupons, or information together for a new puppy or new client welcome pack!

Occasion Cards

From birthdays and holidays to adoptions and sympathy, occasion cards are a personal and impactful way to stay in touch with your customers throughout the year. Promotional occasion cards are truly beautiful gifts and can be used in a number of ways. All occasion cards and be personalized by adding the practice name, selecting a different verse option or creating your own custom message.

Framed – Depending on the occasion, you may find that your client chooses to frame the card. Whether it’s to remember a beloved pet or mark a truly special occasion, a framed card can look beautiful on a desk or to decorate a wall.

Personalization – A blank card without words on the front can be personalized to fit any needs of the practice. Have a personalized message imprinted, or go the extra mile to hand write a special personalized note which will leave a lasting impact on your customer.

Referrals – Occasion cards are great for referrals, thank yous, or to encourage donations. Some clinics even use occasion cards as an opportunity to introduce and welcome new staff or announce the practice to the neighborhood (especially after a move to a new location).

Sympathy – Although it’s never easy to send a sympathy card, the impression is priceless. Designed specifically for this use, this type of occasion card can be healing to a grieving client and shows your compassion.

Invoice Paper

You might truly be surprised just how impactful invoice paper can be on your company’s marketing efforts. Inexpensive, yet resourceful, invoice paper puts your brand logo in front of your customers. And, besides invoices and statements, it can be used in many other ways.

Promote a special – Promote a special event your business is running with greater sway by creating the message on colorful and unique invoice paper. Along with the message, your customers and prospects will see your brand logo, colors, etc.

Monthly newsletters – When mailing out your newsletter, be sure it’s printed on eye-catching paper for the ultimate promotional opportunity. The more you can get your practice name/brand/logo and colors out to your target market, the better

Promote grooming/Boarding services – Remind your clients and prospects that your clinic offers grooming and boarding services by printing the notice on a colorful and memorable invoice paper.

New location, services, employee – If things have changed in the clinic such as a new staff member coming on board, new services being offered or even a new location, make the announcement with a cute and colorful invoice paper design.

Business Cards

More than ever, business cards are being used for opportunities beyond a simple tool to deliver your business information. They are used in a variety of useful ways that help promote business and drive sales.

Add promotion – If you want prospective clients to keep your business card, add a promotion or coupon to the back. From a discount to a free add-on service, a promotion on your business card means it won’t be thrown away.

Special message – One way to add a personal touch to your business card is to imprint a personal message on it. Whether it’s your business motto or a simple hello, your special message goes a long way.  

Announce services offered – By including the hours and/or businesses offered on your card you give clients the answers they need without looking it up on the internet or calling your clinic. With the information already provided, they are more likely to give you a call when those services are needed.

Appointment info – After a client schedules an appointment, give them a business card with their appointment info on the back. It’s a great way for them to remember the appointment and for them to have the information they need on hand.

With so many different products and ways to use them, the opportunities to market your practice are limitless! For more information or help selecting which products would best benefit your veterinary practice, contact Positive Impressions today.