Using Versatile Products to Promote Your Practice - Part 2

August 28, 2017
Written by  Positive Impressions

We’ve discussed how memorial products, cards, and paper can be used to promote and market your practice. Here are several other opportunities to carry through your messaging!

pi part 2Reminder Cards/Postcards

Bigger than a business card, reminder cards and postcards are critical promotional items because they keep current customers coming back while also informing new customers of services you offer. They can easily be pinned up on the refrigerator or tack board or carried along in a purse or briefcase as a reminder. The cute images on the front are sure to catch the attention of all members of the pet’s family!

Promote services and specials – From grooming and boarding services, to current specials, postcards are a great way to get in touch with your clients and let them know everything your business offers.

Heartworm treatments, vaccinations, checkups – Some people don’t keep track of the last time they went to the dentist themselves, so expecting them to remember the last time their pet visited the vet might be a lot to ask. You’ll be doing your clients a huge favor when you send out promotional postcards with reminders about checkups, vaccinations, examinations, and treatments.

Special reminders – If your clinic has a seasonal promotion, such as “Summer Pest Treatments” for fleas and ticks, or spay/neutering, a postcard is a great way to get the message out.

Welcome – A postcard in the mail is a personal way to welcome new patients to the practice. You can include all the information they need, like hours and important phone numbers, while also welcoming them to your location.

Mobile clinics – For mobile clinics that don’t have a lot of extra space for brochures and newsletters, small postcards are the perfect way to efficiently get a message or information to their current or potential clients.

Missed appointments – When a pet owner misses an appointment, the clinic usually calls to let them know and schedules a new appointment. However, if the client doesn’t get back in touch, a postcard is a great way to let them know they need to re-schedule.

Thank you – Sending a postcard to someone as a “Thank you” for referring a client is a nice way to let them know you appreciate their business and the recommendation. The extra special message is sure to make a big impression.

Labels and Stickers – Custom Printed

From prescriptions to calendar reminders, printed labels and stickers are a fun and creative way for customers to stay informed. These promotional materials are personal and special.

Personalized stickers to label products – There are unlimited ways to promote your brand and get your logo front and center when you use promotional stickers to label products while giving your clients a gentle reminder on how and where to reorder that product. They can also help give special instructions on how to store or give medications, treats, or other items such as food. Rx labels can also be personalized with special information or instructions and can have your clinic information or logo added to the design.

Personalized reorder information – Use promotional labels and stickers to personalize reorder information.

Highlight special info – Whether you need to let your clients know they are past-due on appointments or payments, or you need to highlight other info, promotional labels and stickers are the way to go!

Kids Stickers

There’s no denying that kids love stickers! Use kid’s stickers as a fun way to promote your brand and logo while bringing smiles to kids and adults alike. They are also great as giveaways at special events or during school visits!

Prescription Bags

For pets requiring a prescription, take the opportunity to promote your business using prescription bags.You can put all necessary paperwork inside and fill with samples and other promotional materials.

Tote Bags

Often referred to as a premium promotional item, your clients will use these colorful and eye-catching tote bags again and again. Perfect for use at special occasions and events. Have been popular for use for new client welcome packs filled with an assortment of information and goodies welcoming them to your practice!

Use for medications – For expensive medications or multiple prescriptions, a tote bag keeps everything together and makes everything portable, which is especially helpful for your clients walking with a pet on a leash or in their arms!

Paperwork, flyers/brochures – Use tote bags as a great way to keep paperwork together for your clients. After a surgery, you may have a lot of outpatient info to give to your clients. A tote bag is a great way to keep all that information in one place. Include brochures, flyers, and business cards too!

Samples & food – Tote bags are a sturdy alternative to plastic grocery-style bags and hold up when distributing samples and food to your clients.

Kraft Paper Bags

These adorable promotional bags can be used for everything from gift bags to clinic decorations and everything in between. A versatile item like this is always great to have on hand for any occasion! Beyond use as gift bags and memorial products, they work great to fill with heavier clinic/hospital purchases.

Using your marketing budget for versatile products is a smart and effective way to boost your brand recognition and increase awareness. With so many different products and ways to use them, the opportunities are endless! For more information or help selecting which products would best benefit your veterinary practice, contact Positive Impressions today.