Beginning July 2018, non-HTTPS Sites will be Marked as "Not Secure"

June 28, 2018
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non secure http warning messageIf your site begins with http:// and not https://, users may see the warning above when trying to visit your site. That's because Google has announced beginning in July 2018, any website that does not have an SSL certificate will be considered unsecure, and users who use Google Chrome (or any browser, as most or all will join in) will see the warning asking them if they'd like to go back to safety.

 What is an SSL certificate?

Imagine two empty cans, each on one end of a piece of string. One can is your website, the other can is your website host. An SSL certificate scrambles any data that is entered on your site as it is sent along the string between each can. If you have owners creating profiles on your site, making purchases, or filling out new patient forms, it's critical that this information be kept secure.

What do you need to do?

vha secure ssl certificate website

First, visit your website and check to see if your web address begins with https://. If it does, you're set! If it does not, and your website is managed by a third-party, such as VetMatrix or WebDVM, double check with them to ensure your website has an SSL certificate and take the appropriate steps to purchase one. If you manage your own website and hosting, or worked with an independent developer, reach out to your developer or hosting provider (such as GoDaddy) to purchase an SSL certificate.

Having an SSL certificate for your website ensures users have unrestricted access to visiting your website while keeping their information secure and private.

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