July Social Media Posts for Veterinary Clinics

July 2, 2018
Written by  Erika Schweizer

hot asphaltAs the weather gets hotter, so does the asphalt. Many pet owners may not even realize this is something they should worry about. Take this month to educate your clients about this potential danger. A good way to test the asphalt temperature is to place the back of your hand on the pavement and if you are unable to keep it there for 5 seconds then it is too hot. It is a good idea to: walk your pet in the early morning or late evening, walk them in the grass, or wait until it cools down. There are also waxes or booties that can be purchased if walking on hot asphalt is unavoidable. 

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Month of July: Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month

Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month

Suggested Post: How many people are aware that dogs and cats aren’t the only animals surrendered to shelters? Rabbits are the third most surrendered animals at shelters around the United States. When adopting a rabbit they will already be: neutered/spayed, microchipped, litter trained, socialized, and you will receive support from the facility you adopted from.

Why do rabbits make perfect pets?

- They are great for people who may not have time for daily walks but are still looking for the social quality of a dog-like companion.
- Many people who are allergic to dogs and cats are not allergic to rabbits.
- Rabbit schedules match up with our schedules. They are most active at dawn and dusk, which corresponds well with the times most of us are starting our day or getting home from work.
- Rabbits help you eat healthier.  Having a pet that eats fruits and vegetables helps to keep your fridge stocked with the good stuff.
- They make great pets for people who don’t have a lot of living space. They don’t need to go outside to go to the bathroom, as most are litter trained. They are happy just hopping around your home.
- Rabbits have longer lifespans than many of the other pocket pets. They can live 10-12 years with proper diet and care.
- They make excellent snuggle partners with their extra-soft fur and loving personalities.

July 16: Guinea Pig Appreciation Day

Guinea Pig Appreciation DayToday you could have a pocket pet spa day at the clinic by offering teeth trims, nail trims, and baths. This will let clients know that you also care for these types of animals. 

Suggested Post: Guinea pigs are fun, social and talkative pets. They were first domesticated in South America thousands of years ago. They love fruits and veggies and will give you a happy little squeal when they know its dinner time. 

Do you know what your Guinea Pig is saying to you?

Guinea Pig Talk:

- Wheek - Excited! Feed me! Food!
- Purr - I’m happy. I love when you pet me!
- Chut - Just chilling.
- Growl - I don’t like it.
- Shriek - Upset or annoyed.
- Whine - In danger or pain. Stop!

July 31: National Mutt Day

National Mutt DayEncourage clients to post pictures of their mutts under the post today. You could even run a contest for the most unique mixed breed picture posted, or team up with a shelter or rescue and post pictures on your Facebook page of some mixed breed dogs that are available for adoption. 

Suggested Post: Every mutt is just as special as a purebred canine. They deserve the same love and attention as any other dog. Today is a reminder that there are so many dogs, mutt and purebred, in shelters and rescues waiting for their forever home. What can you do? Visit a shelter or rescue organization. If you aren’t ready or able to adopt, you can donate your time or money to a favorite shelter or rescue.

Why Are Mixed Breed Dogs Awesome?

- On average, mixed breed dogs have longer lifespans than purebred dogs.
- Mixed breed dogs generally have better overall health.
- Mixed breed dogs have unique appearances.
- Mixed breed dogs are generally less expensive than purebred dogs.

Post a picture of your cherished mutt below and on other social media using #NationalMuttDay and encourage others to do the same. Like National Mutt Day on Facebook.