Where Will You Grow

October 15, 2018
Written by  Melissa Maddux, DVM

Why do some ventures succeed and others fail? It often comes down to strategy. Individuals, businesses or organizations who take the time to focus on strategy before leaping into action are more likely to reach their goal than the ones who don’t. In our dynamically evolving veterinary profession, the strategy is the secret to transforming challenges into opportunities.

 “If you don’t much care where you go, then it doesn’t really matter which way you go.”pexels photo 1072824

~ Lewis Carroll

If we are only in it for the journey, then it really doesn’t matter which way we go. All paths are interesting in their own way. But if we want to grow, if we want to own our profession and turn our dreams into reality, then it’s time for clear goals, strategies, and tactics.

The veterinary profession is in the midst of a tectonic shift. Corporate consolidators are collecting practices at an increasing rate, student debt continues to rise, labor shortages stunt practice growth, and patient healthcare needs demand a spectrum of care but face a narrowing pool of options. Entwined in these transformations is a wealth of opportunities for technicians, associates, practice owners and the community they serve. All we need to do is build the right strategies to acquire them.

A strategy is the route we intend to take to reach our goal, while tactics are the actions we take to get there. In other words, strategy is doing the right things to achieve a goal and tactics are doing those things right.

The good news is that strategic planning is not actually a new concept. We create one every time we build a treatment plan. It is our careful strategy to achieve a specific goal. This is partially why it is so infuriating when a client arrives with a stack of Dr. Google tactics. They skipped a critical step, leaping straight from goal to tactics, dramatically decreasing the likelihood of achieving their desired outcome.

Our clients are not the only ones guilty of leaping to tactics. Many leaders make the same mistake. They are so driven to solve a problem or seize an opportunity that they fail to take the time to come up with a strategy. It is only when complications arise that the value of a strategy comes to life.

Join us at the VHA Expo as we:

  • Explore the changes, challenges, and opportunities impacting the veterinary profession;
  • Build the right strategy for managing student debt;
  • Harness the power of others to grow your practice, meet your IDR tax liability or obtain financial security (i.e. explore leveraging, return on investment and the balance sheet);
  • And re-imagine practice ownership.

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