2019 Social Media Marketing Calendar for Veterinary Clinics

January 9, 2019
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2019 Social Media Marketing Calendar for Veterinary Clinics Final

With the new year comes fresh opportunities to increase awareness of your veterinary clinic, gain new clients, and grow your business. However, amid a busy veterinary clinic atmosphere, it can be challenging to find the time to research opportunities, draft posts, and launch promotions based on timely opportunities.

Veterinary Hospitals Association has compiled its 2019 Social Media Marketing Calendar for Veterinary Clinics, an all-in-one calendar with special observances, holidays, and events for veterinary clinics.

Have Fun and Get Creative

On January 22, it’s National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. Ask your followers to post pictures of their cats with the questions they think their pet is answering. It’s a fun and hilarious way to increase engagement on your social media platforms.

February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, the perfect opportunity to educate followers on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets. Pair this with a discount or promotion for new patients to increase the awareness of your clinic among new clients and increase the number of appointments being booked.

March 9 is International Dentist’s Day, another opportunity to educate pet parents about dental health for their pets. Showcase your clinics services with behind-the-scenes photos of the tools used, procedures, and happy pets with clean teeth. You can also share helpful tips for pet parent’s to clean their pet’s teeth at home between dental visits and signs and symptoms to look out for that indicate it’s time to visit their veterinarian.

Partner with local rescues and humane societies for National Adopt-a-Shelter Pet Day on April 30. Share photos of adoptable pets and offer a special new patient appointment for newly adopted pets.

GN0314 LG MENU DogAndCat 20160818These are just a few examples of social media and marketing ideas based on the calendar that you can use in your clinic. Other suggestions include writing monthly blogs based on the monthly observances and including these fun dates in your e-newsletters. You can also use these dates and observances to offer specials and discounts to entice pet owners to visit your clinic.

Helpful Tools

Each month, VHA will be posting a new blog with suggested social media posts and graphics. Bookmark our blog to check back every month!

Looking for a way to build your own graphics to share on social media? Check out www.canva.com, a graphic design tool website with drag-and-drop features and professional layouts. The free platform is an excellent tool and if you desire upgraded features, the paid accounts are affordable.

To easily manage your social media profiles, utilize an outside tool such as www.buffer.com. It is a tool designed to manage your social media accounts (including Instagram) in one place, including scheduling posts, discovering content, and analyzing data. They also provide free and paid accounts.

Interested in more? Contact VHA Business Services today at bservices@veterinaryha.org for a complimentary consultation. We offer marketing planning sessions, social media management, digital marketing management, and other solutions to help grow your veterinary practice and free up your time to spend with clients and patients.

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