February Social Media Posts for Veterinary Clinics

January 31, 2019
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February, a month of iconic holidays and cold weather. But while we dream of spring and warmer temperatures, it’s the perfect time to educate your followers on important topics and the services you provide.

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Dental Cat FinalDental Dog FinalFebruary: National Pet Dental Health Month

Maintaining the health of a pet’s teeth is important to their overall health. Help clients understand just how important it is by sharing facts and figures throughout. If you’re running a special dental promotion during the month of February, include that as well! Bonus tip: When you set up your promotion as an “Offer” (how to) on Facebook and followers claim the offer, it will automatically remind them to use the offer before it expires.

Suggested Post: Regular dental visits are important to humans, but did you know they’re also important for your pets? Maintain your pets pearly whites by bringing them in at least once per year for a dental visit with your veterinarian. Providing your pet with good dental hygiene can add two to four years to their life!

Proper dental cleaning requires general anesthesia in pets, and veterinarians perform many of the same procedures as human dentists, including root canals and crowns!

American Heart MonthFebruary: American Heart Month

Like dental care for their pet, owners must also be proactive in maintaining their pets’ healthy heart. February is American Heart Month and is an opportunity to reinforce how a healthy diet, exercise, and other proper care strategies can keep their pet (and themselves) healthy.

Suggested Post: February is American Heart Month, and just like it’s important for us humans to be proactive about our heart health, it’s important for us to be proactive about our pet’s heart health, too!

You can help your pet by:

- Watching your pet’s weight: A heavier animal will have extra fat around its heart, which puts more strain on the organ.
- Exercising your pet regularly: For dog owners, it’s easy to exercise when you’re taking your dog out for walks and to play, but what about cat owners? Help your cat exercise by offering toys to chase and capture and catnip to roll around and play in.
- Feeding your pet a healthy diet: Quality pet food will show animal protein as the top of the ingredients list and will list the source of protein rather than calling it ‘meat’. If you have questions about your pet's diet, please give us a call and we will be happy to help!
- Limit treats to pet-specific: While human food is tasty, it’s meant for us. Help your pet maintain their balanced diet and avoid begging at the dinner table by sticking with pet-specific treats (but not in excess).

Happy Valentines Day Cat FinalHappy Valentines Day Dog FinalFebruary 14: Valentine’s Day and Pet Theft Awareness Day

This day offers you a two-for-one social media post – wishing your followers a happy Valentine’s Day and raising awareness of pet theft.

Suggested Post: Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you know that today is also Pet Theft Awareness Day? Microchipping your pet and maintaining up-to-date records is easy. That way should anything happen, your pet will be returned to you quickly. Peace of mind – the best gift you can give them and yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Love Your Pet CatLove Your Pet DogFebruary 20: Love Your Pet Day

Have fun with a creative post to encourage engagement among your followers. Ask them to show you how their pets show love, how they show love to their pets, and photos of their pets (with or without themselves).

Suggested Post: We love pets, both big and small! To celebrate Love Your Pet Day, comment with a photo of your pet(s) and why you love them (and how they show love back)!