June Social Media Posts for Veterinary Clinics

June 3, 2019
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June brings nice weather and the opportunity to go camping during Great Outdoors Month. Remind pet owners of the dangers that ticks and mosquitoes pose to their pets. To really make your point, utilize CAPC maps to share numerical data on the number of total Lyme Disease tests, including positive cases, in your county there have been so far in 2019.


Are you looking for additional social media posts to share to your veterinary clinics Facebook page? Keep reading! To use the posts on your page, copy and paste the text into your post. To save the image, first click it, then right click on the enlarged image and select “Save As”.

National Microchipping Month DogNational Microchipping Month CatMonth of June – National Microchipping Month

While some pet owners may ignore the importance of microchipping their pet, other’s may simply not know what it means to their pet (and them). Share the statistics on lost pets and how microchipping can improve the likelihood their pet is returned to them this month.

Suggested Post: Microchipping is a simple way to increase the likelihood your pet is reunited with you, should they ever get lost. If your indoor pet has ever snuck out, or you spend a lot of time outdoors, microchipping is a safe and effective way to protect both your pet and you from unnecessary heartbreak. The American Veterinary Medical Association found that about 22% of lost dogs who are placed in shelters are returned to their owners, whereas 53% of microchipped dogs are returned home. Even more impressive? Only 2% of non-microchipped cats are returned to their homes whereas over 38% of microchipped cats are returned home!

Pet Appreciation WeekJune 2-8 – Pet Appreciation Week

Pet Appreciation Week offers a unique and fun way to encourage engagement with your social media followers. Post the attached graphic and ask your followers to comment with pictures of their pets. You could even turn it into a contest and give away a free bag of treats, nail trimming, bandana, or toy to a random winner!

Suggested Post: This week is Pet Appreciation Week, and we want to see your pets! Comment with pictures of your furry friends and share why you appreciate their companionship.

World Pet Memorial DayJune 11 – World Pet Memorial Day

Honor those pets we’ve lost on World Pet Memorial Day with a touching tribute for your clients. If you’d like, you can also share The Rainbow Bridge Poem.

Suggested Post: Today is World Pet Memorial Day, a day to remember those pets who have gone before us and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Our thoughts are with those remembering their loved ones.

Fathers Day CatFathers Day DogJune 16 – Father’s Day

Take a moment to thank the wonderful Fathers and Father figures in everyone’s life on Father’s Day. Take photos of pets and their Dads who visit your clinic throughout the week and schedule photos to post on Sunday sharing a fun sentence or two about them!

Suggested Post: We want to wish a very happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Father’s out there!