September 26, 2017

Clean is In!

As you are busy striving to make your clinic flourish with productivity, it’s also important to make sure the space you work is CLEAN. It’s a fact: clean is the key to a healthy, productive workplace.

Did you know that a clean workplace can reduce absenteeism by 46%, increase productivity by 2-8% and heighten morale in your office? Keep these key areas in your workplace clean to set your clinic up for success!

Spring CleanRestrooms 

Did you know that you can reduce germs by 77% when you dry your hands with paper towels? Stop germs at their source in this high traffic area - target hot spots like sinks, toilets and door handles and support good hand hygiene.


Did you know you can reduce health care claims by 24% for hand hygiene-preventable illnesses when hand sanitizer is provided? A clean workspace not only improves focus and morale, it’s a great defense against the spread of germs! Keep hand sanitizer handy and high-touch surfaces disinfected and anti-viral tissues in reach.

dirty desk facts is your desk a germ hotspot 2 638Chairs and Desk Accessories

Did you know that there are 21,000 germs per square inch on your chair, mouse and keyboard? Like your desk, keep disinfectant wipes and tissues within reach to eliminate the buildup of germs from your key desk accessories.


Did you know you can reduce contagious exposure to viruses by 80-90% by proper cleaning and disinfection in the breakroom? Three of the top four germ hot spots are in the breakroom, so stock up on all you need to stop the spread of illness, from disinfectants and food-safe surface sanitizers to dish soap and paper towels.

Innovative has the brands you want and the products you need for a squeaky clean that counts! Contact Chris Foss at or 612 987 8727 to get started!
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April 12, 2017

Spring Cleaning Tips

spring cleaning iosIt’s that time of year where the snow is melting and the leaves will soon be blooming. It’s time to make sure your clinic is in tip top shape! To alleviate the daunting task of spring cleaning, Innovative shares tips and tricks to make this process a success.

Did you know that up to 80% of all infections are spread through our environment by hand contact with contaminated surfaces? Here are some tips and tricks to spring clean your clinic and keep your staff and clients healthy through each season:

  1. Clean work surfaces top to bottom: Use a microfiber cleaning cloth or Purell sanitizing wipes to easily clean all work surfaces in the clinic.
  2. Sanitize electronics: Electronics are used constantly throughout the day and can be one of the biggest germ collectors in clinics. Make sure to take extra time this spring season and deep clean your keyboard, mouse, computer screens and phones.
  3. De-clutter drawers and cabinets: Keeping unneeded “things” in your drawers and cabinets can add up in no time, creating clutter in your workspace. Take the initiative to go through your “things” and toss or donate what isn’t being used.
  4. Empty and scrub out trash containers: It’s easy to take out the trash and it’s also very easy to forgo thoroughly cleaning out the bottom of the trash container. Take a couple minutes to scrub out the trash can and rid the bacteria collecting at the bottom of the bin.
  5. Organize and go through files and documents: Use a filing systems that works best for you. Go green and recycle unwanted documents to keep your space looking clean.

Click to download a helpful spring cleaning checklist of common areas not to forget, compliments of Innovative Office Solutions and VHA!

Innovative is here to help you keep the office clean year-round, and it doesn’t hurt to take a little extra time this spring and tidy up your workspace. Contact your dedicated Sales Representative Chris Foss at or 612-987-8727 to started today!

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