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January 2021 Social Media Posts for Veterinary Clinics

Click Here3With a sigh of relief, 2020 is over. 2021 will certainly present its own unique sets of challenges, and after the year we just all had, we are ready to face them! Was your New Years Resolution to give some more love to your clinic’s social media? Well, you are in luck! Here are some great things to celebrate and share with your following for the month of January!

Below are additional suggested social media posts for veterinary clinics this month. To use the posts on your page, copy and paste the text into your post. Complimentary graphics are included in the zip file to the right.

January: Train Your Dog Month

This month is a great opportunity to share some helpful tips and tricks on how to train dogs! Besides sharing these helpful graphics, you can also consider creating a post for questions and answers or collecting common questions and responding via Facebook Live. Whatever you choose to do, your dog owners that struggle with training will be thankful for your insight and advice!

Suggested Post: Did you know that January is designated as Train your Dog Month?! Training your dog not only helps them learn good behavior, but it also helps to strengthen the bond you share! This month, we will be sharing training tips and tricks to training!

January 2: National Pet Travel Safety Day

While travel might not be at the forefront of a lot of folks’ minds, people are still moving about and traveling with Fluffy and Fido. With the hope of a COVID vaccination on the horizon, it is inevitable that those who are sheltered in place will soon be making up for lost travel time and making an effort to go see those friends and family members they have missed so much for the past year.

Suggested Post: COVID put a lot of our travel plans on hold for 2020. If you have travel plans with your pet this year, check out this guide to safe travels with your pet in honor of Pet Travel Safety Day!

January 14: Dress Up Your Pet Day

Like we need an excuse to put the cat in a bowtie and pajamas on the dog! Encourage your followers to share photos of their pets all dressed up and give them a quick reminder of comfort and safety.

Suggested Post: Calling all Pups in Parkas and Cats in Clothes! Today is Dress Up Your Pet Day, and we want to see your pet in their best. A lot of pets are not comfortable in clothing, so feel free to throw on a pretty bandana or a special collar if your pet is stressed by clothing!

January 21: Squirrel Appreciation Day

No one appreciates squirrels quite like our K9 and feline friends! Their fluffy tails, coupled with their quick and sporadic movements, are just downright mesmerizing for most pets. Appreciate those adorable little tree rats by asking your followers to share what happens when their pet catches sight of a squirrel!

Suggested Post: Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day! No one appreciates squirrels quite like our feline and canine friends! How does your pet react when they see a squirrel? Do they go nuts, turn into a stealthy hunter, or do they even care at all? Tell us about it below!