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July 2020 Social Media Posts for Veterinary Clinics

Happy July! Between the fireworks and barbeques, take some time to share these informative and fun posts to keep your followers engaged and aware. From Independence Day to National Mutt Day, we have you covered!Click Here3

Below are additional suggested social media posts for veterinary clinics this month. To use the posts on your page, copy and paste the text into your post. Complimentary graphics are included in the zip file to the right.

The Month of July: Pet Hydration Awareness Month

Remind your clients how important proper hydration is to their pet’s health, especially during the summer months. You can share signs and symptoms of dehydration along with tips and tricks to making sure your clients are providing plenty of water to their furry pals.

Suggested Post: With the dog days of summer rolling in, July is the perfect time to bring awareness to proper pet hydration! Dogs require approximately one ounce of water per pound of body weight and cats require just a little less. Make sure you are providing enough cool, clean water daily to help keep those canines and felines properly hydrated!

The Month of July: National Lost Pet Prevention Month

Remind clients that now is a good time to replace old ID tags, invest in microchipping, or update out of date information by highlighting National Lost Pet Prevention Month.

Suggested Post: Did you know that more pets go missing in July than any other month? Animal shelters often see about a 30% increase in lost pets from July 4 to 6 due to Independence Day celebrations. Make sure you will be able to reunite should your pet become lost by investing in a microchip or updating old, hard-to-read ID tags.

Independence Day: July 4

Wish your followers a safe and healthy Independence Day! If you are closed on July 4, remind followers of your hours and where you recommend they take their pets in case there is an emergency and you are closed.

All-American Pet Photo Day: July 11

Keep the celebration of America going with All American Pet Photo Day! It’s the perfect time to invite your followers to share those adorable photos they took of their pets decked out in the red white and blue on Independence Day!

Suggested Post: Happy All-American Pet Photo Day! Let’s see those Patriotic Pooches and Fancy Felines in the comments!

National Pet Fire Safety Day: July 15

July 15 is designated as National Pet Fire Safety Day. Keep your clients informed about the steps they can take to not only prevent accidental fires caused by pets but to help ensure their safe removal should a house fire happen.

Suggested Post: July 15 is National Pet Fire Safety Day. Take some time to read this article about keeping your pet safe from fires: https://www.aspca.org/news/fire-safety-and-your-pets-keeping-them-safe-unexpected

National Mutt Day: July 31

Give your followers a chance to post their beloved furry family member's photos on your page by celebrating National Mutt Day!

Suggested Post: Show us your Mutts! It’s National Mutt Day and time to celebrate those mixed breed dogs. Drop your mutt photos down below and let’s see if we can guess their mix!

Firework Safety Tips

Be sure to share these tips prior to Independence Day!

Suggested Post: Here are some firework safety tips to help keep your pet safe during the upcoming festivities! If your pet suffers from extreme anxieties during fireworks or thunderstorms, they may require additional support like medication. We are here to help you and your furry friend should you need us!

Cute Quote

Share this lovely quote from Dr. Jane Goodall to help lift the spirits of your followers and remind them why we love our pets so much.