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Fresh Out of Summertime Social Media Content? We've Got You Covered!

Click Here3Oh, sweet summertime! Swimming, barbeques, family outings, outdoor adventures - what could be better? This edition of our blog is focused on safety to help you help your clients enjoy the summertime while keeping the dangers that this season brings in mind!

Below are additional suggested social media posts for veterinary clinics this month. To use the posts on your page, copy and paste the text into your post. Complimentary graphics are included in the zip file to the right.

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These suggestions are pawsitively certain to generate some buzz on your socials!

Preventative Reminder:

Utilize an everyday summertime activity like barbeques or picnics to remind your clients that their pet does not want to wind up on the menu for pesky parasites!

Post Suggestion: Happy July! It's time for those monthly preventatives to keep your pet off the menu for fleas, ticks, and mosquitos!


Firework Safety:

Oh, firework season. Just thinking about the 4th of July celebrations can make us in vet med as anxious as the pets we treat. This short video helps to share the tips and tricks of the trade to help chill out anxious pets! We recommend sharing this ASAP to help pet owners decide how they will handle the dreaded firework fright!

Post Suggestion: Firework weekend is upon us! Take a little time to watch this video full of tips for helping to keep your pet calm. If your pet needs medication refills in time for the festivities, please be sure to call us early so we can refill them in time.


Hot Car Dangers:

Like broken records, we continue to echo this message until we stop hearing stories about pets left in hot cars! While your clients are most likely aware of these dangers, their friends and family may not be yet. Encourage your followers to help you spread this message far and wide!

Post Suggestion: Hot cars and pets DO NOT mix! Please help us get the word out that leaving your pet in a hot car is a recipe for disaster!


General Summer Safety:

Summer is ripe with opportunities for pets to get hurt! This brightly colored general summer safety series will help grab the attention that safety deserves! Feel free to share these as an album or sprinkle them in individually throughout the month!

Post Suggestion: Summer is for having lots of fun with our pets, but we also need to remember to keep them safe!  


All American Pet Photo Day (July 11)

Happy All American Pet Photo Day! It's the perfect time to invite your followers to share those adorable photos of their pets decked out in red, white, and blue. Make it even more fun by holding a contest. Your prizes could be treats, toys, services, or bragging rights and a feature spot on your social media pages (like your profile photo or Facebook banner!). You can pick a winner through staff voting, client voting (through likes), or a random picker like Wheel of Names! Take your contest a step further and schedule a Facebook Live event for the announcements!

Post Suggestion: Happy All-American Pet Photo Day! Let's celebrate our patriotic pets with a contest! Submit your photo in the comments below! 


Other Observances to Remember:   

  • National Lost Pet Prevention Month  
  • Pet Hydration Awareness Month  
  • ID your Pet Day (July 1) 
  • Independence Day (July 4)  
  • World Zoonoses Day (July 6)
  • National Pet Fire Safety Day (July 15)
  • National Dog Photography Day (July 26)
  • Mutt Day (July 31)



Need some blog-spiration? Here are some ideas to kickstart your creative writing streak! 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! July is Pet Hydration Awareness Month and the perfect time to educate your clients on the signs of dehydration, the dangers of dehydration, and tips and tricks for keeping their pets properly hydrated this summer!

Keeping with the theme of safety, Pet Fire Safety Day is on July 15 and a great time to go over how pet parents can help prevent pet-related fires and the steps they can take to help ensure their pet's safety in the event of a fire emergency. Sweeten the pot even more and give away pet rescue emergency stickers!   

Additional Tips:


LauraLaura's Social Snippet: 

Your Clinic is original and one of a kind, so your social media posts should be too! Did you know that Facebook and Instagram deprioritize content that is old or recycled? This means that if you only post pre-made products, they might not be showing up in your clients' (and potential clients) timelines. Creating original content can be as simple as posting a patient photo or as complex as creating your own customized infographics. VHA offers social media assistance in whatever capacity you are looking for, be it a handful of posts or full social media management. Check out my calendar to set up a free 1 on 1 to discuss how VHA can help you!  


StephanieStephanie's Marketing Minute:    

We know veterinary clinics are swamped and looking for ways to save time, not necessarily attract new clients. My biggest piece of advice to help you streamline and save time is to lean on technology. While the idea of implementing new tech may seem overwhelming, it will be worth the investment of time if (and when) it makes your life easier than before you had it. Wondering where to start? If you don't utilize on-hold messaging to update your clients with all the important details you find yourself repeating, check out our partner PawsTime. Want a way to communicate with clients directly and streamline the appointment process? Our newest PetDesk is a must. If business responsibilities like recruiting and bookkeeping are too much, sign up for a free 30-minute consultation with VHA Business Services to see how we can help lighten the load there. VHA is here to support YOU and make your life easier! VHA Members, Ask your Veterinary Practice Consultant how you can save time and money with our Partners!


ChrisChris' Website Wisdom:  

Do you enjoy digital marketing for your practice -- or do you dread it? Do you get frustrated because you're not sure what's working and what isn't?  

Part of the reason Google is a multi-billion (trillion?) dollar company is because they can tell businesses what's worth it and what isn't. Google Analytics is a tool that can tell you who is visiting your practice's website, where they are coming from, what pages they are reading, and more. The information is anonymized for privacy but can be immensely helpful for deciding where to invest your time, money, and energy online.

We can help you not only with Google Analytics but also with any other platforms your clinic may use: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. We recently began offering a new service to show you how your entire online footprint is performing. VHA provides free 30 minute consultations to our members who are looking to better understand their digital traffic and how online users become the pet parents you see walking through your doors. Set up your own appointment today! Also, if you have questions about your own website, we can help with that, too!