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Spring into April With These Awesome Ideas For Your Clinic's Social Media! Featured

Spring has sprung, and it's a great time for renewed energy and creativity. As we move into April, there are many opportunities to engage with your clients through social media. Here's what's coming up:

April Calendar

April Fools' Day is a fun day to incorporate into your social media, but make sure any jokes are lighthearted and clear to avoid confusion among pet owners. Here are some posts for inspiration, or simply save, add your logo, and schedule for the 1st! Don’t forget to also remind clients that monthly preventatives are no joke, and the first of the month is a great time to give their pet the medications they need to stay happy and healthy.

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Pooper Scooper Week which runs April 1st - 7th, is a perfect time to educate pet owners on the importance of cleaning up after their pets. Consider creating a humorous post (squatting dogs will always be funny!) that also takes the opportunity to educate. Highlight the ecological, health, and social reasons why scooping poop is essential.

Wish your clients a "Hoppy Easter!" on April 9th! If you see rabbits, Easter is a great opportunity to feature them in your posts. Alternatively, consider using bunny ears on a headband or adding bunny ears in post-production to recent non-rabbit patient photos.

Hug Your Dog Day is on April 10th, a great time to showcase your team giving some love to your canine patients! Don’t forget to also highlight that it's important to observe a dog's body language and behavior to determine if they are comfortable with being hugged and to respect their boundaries and offer other displays of affection if they aren’t huggers.

Celebrate Shelter Pets Day on April 11th is an excellent opportunity to encourage your clients to share their stories of adopting their pets. Consider featuring adoptable pets from your local shelter or rescue organization in your stories.

Bulldogs are truly beautiful! Celebrate those floppy jowled, super snorty, always drooly, glorious bulldogs on Bulldogs are Beautiful Day on April 21st!

8Earth Day is on April 22nd. Take the opportunity to talk about how pet owners can reduce their pets' carbon pawprint by making eco-friendly choices, such as using recycled material for pet beds.


Kids and pets go together like peanut butter and jelly – they just work! Celebrate National Kids and Pets Day on April 26th by sharing some of the benefits of pets for children as well as some special considerations that parents need to make regarding their children and their pets (like the dreaded piggyback ride photo we have all seen and cringed at!)

Pet Parents Day is April 30th, a day to celebrate the wonderful pet parents who choose your clinic for their furry family members. Encourage pet parents to share their family photos that include their pet or a selfie with their beloved BFF.

Hairball Awareness Day on April 28th is an excellent opportunity to discuss hairball prevention, mitigation, and just how many hairballs are too many hairballs! 

World Veterinary Day on April 29th is a day to celebrate your team's hard work and dedication to caring for animals. Consider featuring team members and their stories on your social media.

There are also several monthly observances to incorporate into your social media calendar:

3·        Heartworm Awareness Month is a great opportunity to educate pet owners about heartworm disease and how to prevent it.

·        Pet First Aid Month is an excellent time to provide pet owners with tips on how to handle common pet emergencies and what to include in a pet first aid kit.

·        Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month is a chance to inform pet owners about Lyme disease, including prevention, tick removal, and local statistics.

Check out The Companion Animal Parasite Council’s Parasite Prevalence Map to give statistics for Lyme and Heartworm in your state and your county!

April is absolutely packed with education, engagement, and entertainment opportunities. If you just don't have the time for social media, VHA can lend a hand! For $60, you’ll receive 15+ graphics, a video for pet owners to learn more about keeping their pet safe during the Easter holiday, captions to copy and paste, templates to customize, and tutorials to assist you with topics like scheduling your content, adding your logo, and more! This package has everything you need to get April scheduled and squared away so you can get back to doing what you love - caring for pets and their people!



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