Introducing the 2017 Veterinary Fee Study

The 2017 Veterinary Fee Study is a 117-page compilation of data from veterinary practices throughout Minnesota and the surrounding states.

Its purpose is to provide practice owners and managers the data and information they need to have a better understanding of their market and to help gain insight and ideas that will help them communicate value to their clients.

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What's Inside

Information Applicable to Your Clinic

Data from Midwest Practices

Other fee studies available collect data from hundreds of practices around the United States, with a majority of it coming from practices located in major metropolitans. Very little data comes from practices in the Midwest, so while their information is important, it isn't a valuable representation of practices located in your location.

Explore a Wide Range of Data

From Exams to Individual Vaccinations

Wonder what other one-doctor practices in your area are charging for an emergency exam? What about what vaccine manufacturers a majority of five-doctor practices utilize? All of that data and more are included in this 117-page report.

Compare Against Your Own Numbers

Measure Your Fees Against Others

On each page, there are formulas available for you to input your own fee data to determine where it measures against others in your area. This information is helpful in determining your pricing structure and conveying the value of your services to your clients.

About the Author

Jim Poissant, VHA Director of Business Services

Jim Poissant began an entry-level career with US Foods, drafting training and development manuals. He returned to school twice while with US Foods; once for Human Resource certification and again for a degree in Computer Science. During his eleven years with the company, he worked at the executive level in several departments. He later accepted a position as Hospital Administrator with a large veterinary hospital and began to research the industry from an outside perspective, armed with a thorough understanding of corporate business structure, policy, and procedures.

Poissant launched Veterinary Management Services in 2003 and began bringing his unique perspectives and insights to privately owned practices that lacked the tools, experience, and training to compete with corporate practices. In 2015, VHA and Veterinary Management Services combined, and Poissant was named VHA Director of Business Services.


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