Introducing: Community Marketplace

Brought to You by CBIZ

We know clinics are looking for and need innovative options to offer health insurance and other benefits options to employees.

VHA has partnered with CBIZ to offer a Community Marketplace for VHA members, a totally customizable way to bring benefits to employees who may not receive benefits, are not eligible for traditional benefits, and more.

Marketplace Items Include...

Convenient care plus is not insurance, but is a direct primary care health access program that allows your employees to go to health centers and access telehealth services to get the minor things checked out, including fever, sore throat, rashes, minor cuts, etc. all with no copay and get select generic drugs at no cost!

Store all of your employees benefits information, including medical, vision, and dental, in one easy-to-access site. Each Community Marketplace is built out to meet your clinic's unique needs, and access to specific information can be set by you and determined by employee status, job title, and more.

If an employee is planning for a major life change or has bills they would like to pay off, utilizing the provided Financial Calculators may help them make smart, educated choices with their finances.

Being a new mom is a beautiful thing, one rewarded not at the end of a pay period - but in daily doses of small packaged love. Unfortunately, transitioning back far too often becomes a difficult and sometimes even impossible challenge. Gravida was designed to solve this problem by helping new moms navigate all the "No One Ever Told Me" mountain-sized causes. Gravida guidance and resources include downloadable guides, HR checklist, new Mom employee gift, and more.

Welcome your new hire with an easy-to-follow Onboarding Checklist, Benefit Instructions, New Hire Job Tips, and more! Once your new hire is fully on board, you can switch out their view to see the rest of the benefits information available to everyone.

Employees can utilize SmartMoves to get their workout on from home! Included are high energy, free workout videos, tips, and tricks for employees to live their healthiest lives.

CBIZ Will Provide...

On behalf of VHA, CBIZ will provide all administrative and customer service, including:

  • Benefits program design and management
  • Employee communication and engagement, including:
    • Video
    • Digital
    • Telephonic
  • Compliance and regulatory support
  • Program management and troubleshooting
  • Online enrollment platform
  • Consolidated monthly billing and premium remittance
  • Customer service call center for employee support
  • Dedicated VHA email access for employee support

Contact Dennis R. Polzin

CBIZ Employee Benefits Senior Producer

With more than 20 years of experience in the employee benefits industry and holding various levels of leadership, Mr. Polzin is directly and primarily involved with the sales and marketing, strategic direction of health and welfare benefit programs. He promotes innovation, creativity, and unparalleled client service and strives to broaden and deepen our service offerings that will exceed our clients' expectations.

Phone: 612-436-4617