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Celebrate DOGust With These Great Social Media Ideas For Vet Clinics

Celebrate DOGust With These Great Social Media Ideas For Vet Clinics

Happy DOGust and welcome to the dog days of summer! With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, August is absolutely packed with great pet-related observances and opportunities to engage, entertain, and educate your clients! Let’s get barking:

Calendar of pet-related holidays and events in August

You know the drill! August 1st is the pawfect time to remind clients to give those all-important monthly preventatives! August 1st is also recognized as the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs and can be incorporated into your preventative reminder!

Nothing is better than a little slobbery kiss from a happy pet—except if they are behind in oral care and their breath smells putrid. Harness the power of Fresh Breath Day on August 6th to remind your clients that if their pet’s breath is horrible, it could be time for a dental!

Celebrate feline friends on International Cat Day on August 8th! Feature feline patients, ask for feline photos, or throw out some feline facts- whatever whiskers to your heart!

Get ready to encourage a little pooch pampering! National Spoil Your Dog Day is on August 10th and a great way to educate your clients on healthy and safe ways to spoil their dogs. Encouraging sniff walks, extra playtime, brain-building puzzles, a luxurious pup massage, or healthy treats!

Social Media graphic for Tell A Joke Day It’s Tell a Joke Day on August 16th and I love nothing more than a cheesy pet joke. Here are some of my faves to entertain your clients (and potentially make them roll their eyes!)

Black cats get a bad rap, but we know better! Celebrate tiny house panthers on August 17thNational Black Cat Appreciation Day, by featuring black cat patients or asking clients to share photos! Don’t forget to incorporate the best Sir Walter Scott quote that feels especially true for black cats – “Cats are a mysterious kind of folk”

World Mosquito Day on August 20th is a great time to get into the details of the dangers mosquitos pose to pets and serves as an excellent reminder that year-round heartworm prevention is so important.

Take Your Cat to The Vet Day on August 22nd is an important observance. Because of their aloof and independent nature, a lot of well-meaning cat owners tend to practice reactive vet care with their cats, whereas dogs are more likely to receive routine preventative care. Some topics to touch on regarding this observance are reactive vs. proactive care (and the costs!), helping cats be more comfortable traveling to your office, the steps your clinic takes to reduce cat stress, and the importance of regular and consistent cat vet care! This topic would be purrfect for a blog!

Bow WOW! It’s International Dog Day on August 26th! My favorite idea for celebrating is asking for a then and now! Ask your followers to share the oldest photo they have of their pooch and them now!

Give your clients a platform and outlet to share photos and treasured memories of their beloved pets that have passed. Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day on August 28th and a great outlet for grieving owners to reflect on the incredible joy that was brought into their lives by the pets who are waiting for them on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Engagement will be important on this day, so remember to reply to comments.

What is Give A Dog A Bone Week? Officially, it’s a week (August 10-16th) dedicated to helping stray animals and pets that belong to people who are unhoused and is the awareness project of Pets of The Homeless Organization. If your clinic participates in any kind of this work, be sure to highlight it on this special week! You can also use this map to locate donation centers or even sign up to become one yourself!

August is National Immunization Month! While this observance is not specific to pets, it is a great time to highlight your clinic’s recommendations for vaccines. If you want to take it a step further, break it down in a blog!


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