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Let's Talk Teeth!

Can we all agree none of us have had enough dentistry education? There was this wonderful golden period of veterinary students in Minnesota who were fortunate enough to have dentistry and oral surgery... read more..


New Preferred Partner Brings Exclusive Benefits to VHA

SOUTH SAINT PAUL, MN – October 13, 2016 – Veterinary Hospitals Association (VHA), the leading association for veterinary practices in the Midwest, is pleased to announce their newest Preferred Partner... read more..


The Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy has gone from near obscurity to one of the top modalities and services being discussed and implemented in veterinary practices today. Reasons for this include a more thorough understandi... read more..


An Introduction to Acupuncture

Cancer has become one of leading causes of mortality in animals. Statistics show that thirty to forty percent of geriatric dogs and cats now have a chance to get cancer during their life time. The uni... read more..


Veterinary Hospitals Association Hosts 11th Annual VHA Expo

SOUTH SAINT PAUL, MN - (September 20, 2016) - Veterinary Hospitals Association (VHA), the leading association for veterinary clinics in the Midwest, is hosting the 11th Annual VHA Expo on Thursday, No... read more..


The Ten Commandments of Communication

In my years of working with companies and organizations, from topics of leadership to teamwork to customer service, communication (or the lack of) always tops the list of organizational challenges. An... read more..


5 Ways Veterinary Clinics Can Take Advantage of the Pokémon Go Craze

If you haven’t heard of the new mobile game Pokémon Go, you could ask your staff or children if they have and I bet the answer will be a resounding yes. It’s dominated airwaves, TV time, social media,... read more..


3 Mid-Year Marketing Ideas for Veterinary Clinics

July means mid-year marketing reviews for businesses. It’s a perfect opportunity review how the last six months have performed for your business, and if any changes are needed to obtain the goals you’... read more..


Time to Talk About Ticks

The rise in outdoor temperatures is a sure sign that spring is here, and with the change come ticks. When the weather warms it’s safe to assume that ticks are out looking for their next meal. Although... read more..


Hot Car Dangers

It's HOT outside. Guess how hot it is in your car? Leaving a dog in a hot car is dangerous and often deadly. United Animal Nations (UAN) is imploring pet owners to avoid leaving their dogs in hot ca... read more..

Business Services

Marketing Services

Attracting New Clients Has Never Been Easier Reaching new clients while maintaining the same superior level of service to current clients is the goal of all customer service. But without consistent b... read more..

Business Services

Human Resources Support

Owning a Business Means Managing Employees No one ever went to medical school because they wanted to deal with employees - but that's the reality of managing your own practice. Let VHA Business Servi... read more..

Business Services

Financial Health Services

Do You Know What Your Money is Doing at All Times? VHA Business Services is designed to help veterinary owners know where their business financials are and what they are doing at all times. Whether y... read more..


How to Recognize Animal Abuse

Animal cruelty is an unfortunate, horrific reality involving innocent beings that are unable to speak up for themselves. Veterinary professionals have a moral, ethical and, in some states, legal oblig... read more..

Practice Services

VHA Practice Services

As a member of Veterinary Hospitals Association, you gain access to a wide array of critical veterinary products and services by providers and distributors who offer exclusive discounts and considerat... read more..

VHA Business Services

VHA Business Services

Is running your practice running you ragged? VHA Business Services can help. We provide affordable, quality business services to veterinary clinics nationwide. Our veterinary-experienced team assist... read more..

Business Services

Practice Managers Program

Do you dread administrative tasks at your clinic? Do you put off inventory management, or avoid it altogether? Are you bombarded with questions from your staff that get in the way of you practicing ... read more..

About VHA

Clinic Job Submission

Do you have an opening at your veterinary practice and you're looking to hire? Fill out the form below to place an opening on our Jobs page for free! Please note: Submissions will be posted live to t... read more..


How to Have ‘The Talk’ on End-of-Life Care

One of the most difficult conversations to have in the veterinary industry is “the talk”—the end-of-life and euthanasia discussion. How does one approach clients to tell them their beloved companion ... read more..


Veterinary Hospitals Association Expanding Services to Southwestern Minnesota

New Route Launching April 4, 2016 to Bring Cremation Services to Veterinarians in Rochester, MN SOUTH SAINT PAUL, MN--(Marketwired - April 04, 2016) - Veterinary Hospitals Association (VHA), the leadi... read more..


Learning Your Financial Reports Magic Numbers

There are “magic numbers” for every business, no matter what industry they’re in. For veterinary clinics, finding the right magic numbers is critical because they help to quickly diagnose the clinic’s... read more..


Pet Loss Support Resources

Saying goodbye to a beloved family friend is never easy. VHA provides member clinics with the tools and resources to help clients with pet loss and navigating through difficult times. Local Pet Los... read more..

Membership Services

Custom Employee Handbooks

Thank you for your interest in a custom employee handbook from VHA! This survey will take you step by step through all the areas required in a Minnesota employee manual. Simply answer the questio... read more..


In the Life of Bruce at VHA

Ever wonder what it's like to be a puppy? At VHA, we do! So we strapped a GoPro on the back of 13-week-old American Bulldog mix Bruce to see the world from his view. SaveSaveSaveSave read more..


Bringing Social Media to Your Veterinary Practice

During Global Pet Expo 2015, research firm GfK announced that 35.2% of the US’ 75 million Millennials (people age 18-34) own a pet, compared to 32.8% of Baby Boomers (age 51-70). Millennials like to t... read more..

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