About Nicole Teigen

nichole teigen 2016Name: Nicole Teigen

How long have you been with VHA? 4 years

Tell us about yourself: My family consists of a 7 year old St. Bernard named Moses and a 16 year old Domestic Shorthair named Nugget. My educational background is in Human Resources and Small Business Management. I work in a clinic for 13 years doing everything from receptionist, vet assistant, kennel assistant, practice owner's assistant and inventory control. So I'm a "been there and done that in a 6 doctor practice" person.

What's one interesting fact about you that very few know? I plan my vacation around being able to visit a zoo. My goal is to visit a zoo in all 48 states.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why? Flying because I could get places a lot faster because I HATE sitting in traffic.

What's one thing you like about working at VHA? Being able to help multiple clinics in varies ways. Every day has a new problem(s) to solve.