Veterinary Hospitals Association was established in 1984 with one goal in mind - to help improve the landscape for veterinarians. We are a co-op for veterinary supplies and services, created by veterinarians for veterinarians. For over 30 years, VHA has been providing stellar service, ethical cremation, and quality products and services to our members.

VHA is unlike any other company in America. Our unique business model has never been duplicated, and no other association offers direct product sales, indirect product sales, ethical cremation services, administrative support services, and regular continuing medical education opportunities to member hospitals.

What is VHA?

We are a not-for-profit association dedicated to supporting veterinary professionals and practices
by offering solutions that enable them to grow, learn, and succeed.

1980's - 1990's

In 1984, a group of dedicated veterinarians founded VHA to improve the methods and efficiency of animal hospitals, to cooperate with other veterinary organizations, and to promote and further the best interests of its members.

In 1985, VHA began a group purchasing service for members, positively influencing the product availability and pricing in the veterinary marketplace.

Then, in 1986, VHA launched a pet cremation service to provide a dignified, caring and ethical means of cremating clients’ pets. It is one of the founding cornerstones of our association.

2000's - 2010's

Originally located in Lake Elmo, MN, VHA moved locations in 2010 to South St. Paul, MN.

In 2015, VHA began offering business services to members after it purchased Veterinary Management Services.


Throughout the years, VHA has remained steadfast in our commitment to our veterinary practice members and the industry as a whole. VHA continues to support local community organizations, including the statewide Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA). We also partner with the MVMA and the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine for the Minnesota Veterinary Institute. As VHA continues to evolve, additional services will be added in order to advantage of the efficiencies that come from individual practices working together as a group.

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