Why join VHA?

If you want to spend less time worrying about the day-to-day management of your business and spend more time with people and pets, Veterinary Hospitals Association is for you. We are designed to streamline your business, from ordering products you use every day to sourcing the best prices in services for your business. We provide ethical, reliable cremation services for members, group purchasing power from major veterinary manufacturers, and low-cost continuing education credit opportunities. Whether you're a small, one-doctor mobile veterinarian just looking to order eaches of items or a large multi-doctor facility wanting to bulk buy at lower prices, one call to VHA can do it all.

How much does it cost to join VHA?

VHA memberships pay $150 per year for the first clinic location. If there are multiple clinic locations, it's an additional $100 per each additional clinic delivery location.

Who does VHA work with?

VHA works with several different manufacturers, such as Boehringer Ingelheim (formerly Merial) and Dechra; vendors such as Patterson; service providers such as Clean Harbors and Bramstedt Surgical; and preferred partners such as US Bank, Matheson Gas, and Dalco.

If you're interested in becoming a Vendor or Preferred Partner, click here.

How do I order?

Easy! Simply log in to http://www.shopvhaonline.org to place an order for your clinic online, or call one of our Inside Account Representatives at 651-451-6669 to place an order over the phone.

Does everything come from the VHA warehouse?

No. Although we keep over 2,000 in stock in our warehouse and have over 4,000 SKUs available online at Shop VHA, some manufacturers require we drop-ship certain products from their warehouse only. 

Why does VHA drop-ship items?

VHA drop ships certain items for several reasons. We work with several manufacturers, some of whom require certain items or lines to be drop shipped directly from their warehouses. We also drop-ship because we are unable to warehouse the items being ordered because of federal regulations, such as controlled substances. Another reason we drop-ship is that we work directly with the service provider who specializes in those specific items, such as oxygen. In any case, we can place orders for these items on behalf of our members - they will just be shipped from a different location.

How can VHA help my practice grow?

VHA can help your practice grow through several different ways:

  • Saving you money through our group purchasing power.
  • Providing affordable, ethical, and reliable cremation options for clinics and their clients.
  • Providing memorial keepsakes for clinics and their clients.
  • Returning VHA yearly profits to our members through our several annual rebate opportunities.
  • Affordable business services, helping you streamline HR, bookkeeping, marketing, business management, and more.

Contact us today to discuss how else VHA can help your practice grow!

What are the VHA rebate opportunities?

VHA offers its members several ways to maximize their memberships through rebates:

  • VHA Loyalty Level Rebate or
  • VHA Growth Rebate
  • and Member Volume Purchase Discount (MVPD) Rebate

It's our way of returning profits to our members!

How are rebates calculated?

The VHA Loyalty Level Rebate is a tiered rebate structure in which clinics are given spending goals based on practice size. The VHA Growth Rebate is based on an individual clinic's growth in spend over the previous year. The Loyalty Level Rebate and Growth Rebates are guaranteed rebates. Clinics may earn either the Loyalty Level Rebate or the Growth Rebate, but not both.

The MVPD amount is determined at the end of each fiscal year based on profit and each individual member's purchasing volume and is distributed after the guaranteed rebates are processed.

Does cremation apply towards my rebate?

Yes! All cremation services through VHA count towards your rebates.

Do equipment purchases count towards my rebate?

No, equipment purchases do not count towards your rebates.

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