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B.W. Recycling

B.W. Recycling

B.W. Recycling pays VHA members by the pound for recycling x-ray film.

B.W. Recycling provides x-ray film recycling services for old/outdated medical x-ray films, and end-of-life x-ray films of all kinds such as medical, dental, industrial films x-ray films, and newspaper lithographic films. We at B.W. Recycling we’ll pick up your old x-ray films at your site anywhere in the US and recycle the films in an environmentally friendly manner with almost 0 material disposed of in a landfill.

VHA Member Benefits

We provide payment for the silver we recover from your x-rays, pick up is free in most cases depending on your location and quantity, please call to find out. All x-rays are destroyed, we will provide a certificate of destruction for your medical and any other x-ray films you might have, our certificate is HIPAA compliant.

Contact B.W. Recycling for more information, and let them know you are a VHA member. Rates vary. To receive the best pricing possible, remove film from folders prior to pick up. B.W. Recycling invoices directly to your practice.



Sam Bizaoui
Phone: 954-981-1113 or 877-217-7020
Fax: 954-337-2277
2035 SW 31st Ave
Pembroke Park, FL 33009
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