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Daniels Health

Daniels Health

VHA partners with Daniels Healthcare for medical waste removal & world-class clinically designed sharps container disposal systems optimized for safety, sustainability, and efficiency.

Daniels Health has the second largest service infrastructure for medical waste removal and management in the United States. With over 20 treatment plants and transfer stations, a strong national truck fleet, and a diverse team of skilled drivers and service technicians, Daniels ensures the highest level of customer service, scheduling flexibility and seamlessness of operations is achieved.

At Daniels Health, we have a unique approach to healthcare waste management. It centers around the five key values of safety, sustainability, efficiency, compliance, and education, enabling us to deliver superior service to healthcare facilities.

It starts with delivering the safest container, but Daniels Health provides so much more than just a product. Our dedicated team works with you to improve healthcare waste disposal, benefiting staff and patients alike. Learn how you can make a change in your hospital waste management.

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With Daniels' Sharpsmart "the world's safest sharps container" clinically proven to reduce needlestick injuries by up to 87% and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable sharps containers, more healthcare facilities are choosing Daniels to protect their staff and patients in the handling of sharps waste.



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