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Enhance communication and provide your clients with an improved experience through Kontak’s PIMS-integrated VoIP.

Kontak Overview 

Kontak Retriever is an integrated VoIP solution, custom-built for busy veterinary professionals. Retriever’s deep integration with your Practice Information Management System (PIMS) allows for relevant pet — and client data — to be displayed before the phone even rings, saving your CSRs time and empowering them to provide exceptional customer service to your clients.

Kontak’s Promises

  1. Staff Efficiency
    Kontak Retriever optimizes efficiencies by guiding the CSR through each phone and SMS conversation and through tailored phone trees and routing choices, allowing for more calls to be handled and shorter lengths of calls.
  2. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
    Displaying real-time patient data enhances your CSR’s conversations, resulting in an exceptional customer service experience that fosters client loyalty.
  3. Increased Revenue
    Kontak Retriever empowers your CSRs to have guided conversations based on patient data, enabling them to promptly recommend additional services that drive revenue growth.

Key Differentiators

  • Seamless PIMS Integration
    Kontak Retriever integrates with your PIMS, allowing for real-time client and pet information to be displayed before the phone even rings.
  • Reliable Technology
    Kontak use patented redundancy technology and AI to ensure calls are dynamically re-routed to eliminate call quality issues, setting a new standard for reliability.
  • Veterinary-Centric
    Kontak’s veterinary-specific focus enables us to continuously advance veterinary practices by leveraging the valuable insights gained from our trusted partners and customers over the years.
Transitioning your phones to Kontak is a hassle-free process.

Kontak's phones arrive pre-configured and pre-labeled for effortless setup, and we offer seamless support for tasks such as porting, PIMS integration, and around-the-clock training and assistance. Kontak understands that adopting new technology like an integrated VoIP phone system is a substantial decision. Their Implementation Team partners with your team to design a customized phone system that enhances your day-to-day.

A Reminder - Veterinary clinics who adopt Kontak’s VoIP solution experience 99.999% uptime.


VHA Member Benefits

Kontak is proud to partner with VHA, an innovative not-for-profit association that has served and supported veterinary professionals for nearly 40 years. Created by veterinarians for veterinarians, VHA offers solutions that enable veterinary teams nationwide to grow, learn, and thrive.

Through our partnership, VHA members will receive exclusive Kontak benefits and perks aimed at enhancing their phone systems, improving client relationships, optimizing efficiencies, and maximizing revenue.

If you’re a VHA member looking to learn more about your specific benefits, we encourage you to schedule a product walkthrough with a Kontak expert.

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