• Employee Benefits

We know clinics are looking for and need innovative options to offer health insurance and other benefits options to employees.

VHA has partnered with CBIZ to offer a Community Marketplace for VHA members, a totally customizable way to bring benefits to employees who may not receive benefits, are not eligible for traditional benefits, and more.

VHA Members
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Marketplace Items Include


VHA Members
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Want to Enroll Your Clinic?

On behalf of VHA, CBIZ will provide your clinic all the administrative and customer service support needed to enroll, including: 

  • Benefits program design and management 
  • Employee communication and engagement, including: 
    • Video 
    • Digital
    • Telephonic
  • Compliance and regulatory support 
  • Program management and troubleshooting 
  • Online enrollment platform 
  • Consolidated monthly billing and premium remittance 
  • Customer service call center for employee support 
  • Dedicated VHA email access for employee support



Name: Dennis R. Polzin
Title: Employee Benefits Senior Producer
Phone: 612-436-4617
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.