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Custom Developed with Your Goals in Mind

Our purpose is to work with practice owners and their teams to achieve their hospital’s financial performance, growth or ownership transition goals, reducing growing pains and giving owners the freedom to focus on the aspects of practice ownership that brings them joy.

When VHA Business Services and Dr. Melissa Maddux, CEO of Erupt, unite with you, we create the ideal team dedicated to growing your practice and your success.

When we combine our knowledge, experience, and resources, we have the ability to achieve greater growth goals with a lot less stress and fewer growing pains than if we were to attempt them alone. We understand that practice owners and managers have the best knowledge of their hospital, their team, their clients, and what they love to do in the practice.

What is Your Hospital’s Goal for Improving Financial Performance, Growth, or Ownership Transitions?

Some practice owners have a clear goal for the upcoming year and some practice owners have a stressor they would like gone. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, we are here to help. Here are a few places practice owners have built their goals around:

  1. Growing revenue through improved compliance, reduced referrals, additional veterinary services, offering pet wellbeing services (i.e. boarding, grooming, or doggie daycare), additional veterinarians on staff, or growing active and new clients.
  2. Market-based pricing strategies. There is no single pricing model that works well for all practices. We use knowledge of the hospital's market and growth goals to build a strategy that is right for each individual practice.
  3. Improve hospital efficiency (i.e. reducing Cost of Goods/Cost of Professional Services or labor as a percent of total revenue)
  4. Decide where to reinvest back into the practice. The typical well-run veterinary practice offers a return on investment much grater than the long-term average for the stock market, making re-investment in the practice a good wealth building decision when done correctly. We help practice owners assess the opportunity and risk associated with re-investing into new equipment, staff, renovation or a hospital building.
  5. Feasibility of purchasing a new building, adding another location, or doing a startup.
  6. Transition planning.
  7. Shared ownership for growth, staff retention, or ownership transition.
  8. Preparing for recessions or economic downturns.

If you are ready to develop your future goals and create actionable strategies to reach them based on sound data and analytics, contact VHA Business Services today. Together, Erin Potts and Dr. Melissa Maddux can help create a customized plan designed to grow your practice and your success.


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