• Why Choose a VHA Veterinarian?

vha member badgeVeterinary Hospitals Association is a co-op for veterinary supplies and services, created by veterinarians for veterinarians. For over 30 years, VHA has been providing stellar services to nearly 400 clinics in the Midwest by providing quality products at affordable prices, ethical and reliable cremation options, and ongoing continuing education opportunities to ensure our veterinarians are at the top of their game.

VHA is Local

When you choose to bring your pet to a veterinarian who is a member of VHA, you are helping your neighbor, your friend, or even your family member continue to do business in the community. 99% of VHA member clinics are locally owned and operated, and proudly display this badge on their website. When you bring your pet to one of our members, you're keeping your dollars and pet care local.

VHA Helps Keep Costs Down

VHA provides quality goods and services to veterinarians at affordable prices. We work with leading manufacturers and suppliers to negotiate better pricing on products, which helps keep the cost of goods low and affordable for our veterinarians - who pass the savings on to you. In addition, we partner with local service providers to be a one-stop-shop for our veterinarians, giving them more time to spend with your pets.

VHA was Founded on Providing Ethical, Reliable Cremation Services

Veterinary Hospitals Association was established in 1984 with one goal in mind - to help improve the landscape for veterinarians. At the time, cremation was unreliable and very costly, so a group of veterinarians banded together to create a co-operative founded on helping serve their client's needs and provide excellent ethical and reliable cremation services. From there, VHA grew to include group purchasing to lower the cost of products, decrease product waste, and pass savings on to veterinarians and their clients.

VHA Supports Continuing Education

The veterinary industry is constantly changing, improving laws and regulations, and updating industry standards. To provide excellent levels of care, veterinarians and their staff are required to continue their education on an annual basis by earning credits. VHA provides opportunities for members to earn their continuing education (CE) credits at low-cost or no-cost options throughout the year. The the information they learn helps them uphold and improve safety standards, general practice techniques, business strategies, and more.

Thank you for choosing a VHA member!