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Become A VHA Member

Once you’ve decided to take advantage of all that Veterinary Hospitals Association has to offer, we are here to help you get started!

Membership begins with an introduction to our Member Experience Team and a conversation about what VHA can do to best support you and your business. After that, (and some paperwork, of course) we’ll get you set up to make the most of your membership.

When you are ready to join the club, click on the button below to schedule an appointment on our calendar. If you still have some questions and would like to speak with VHA, give us a call or send us an email and we’d be happy to help.

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I have been a member of VHA for many years, and its value to my practice just keeps growing. The ability to get group pricing on small quantities of product got me started when my practice was small, and now that it has grown, it still offers great value to us. I was a member of the old Member Services committee for several years, and this virtually unknown group of vets, techs and VHA reps was instrumental in starting the Expo, expanding CE opportunities, and pointing the Group toward what it has become: a valuable resource-laden tool for practices of all sizes. It’s been fun to see it take off. The new management that came in several years ago has done an amazing job expanding the territory, scope, and mission of VHA.

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Current VHA members, please fill out the form below to register a user account on the VHA website. Each account MUST have a unique, valid email address.

Once we have verified your clinic’s VHA membership, you will receive an email confirming your new account and containing your username & password. Everyone is encouraged to register for their own unique username and password rather than a single clinic username & password.

Note: When you first log in to your new account, you will be prompted to reset your password and invited to fill out your profile.

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