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Business Services

Business Services

Some veterinarians love to audit their books, reconcile P&L statements, compile staff handbooks, review employee benefit packages, recruit new team members, design their company website, post on Instagram, update their branding, and keep up with their blog. For those who don’t, there’s VHA’s Business Services.

Not every veterinary practice has an expert to manage every aspect of their business – and with VHA not every practice needs one. VHA’s Business Services has professionals that specialize in all of the various aspects of running a modern veterinary practice and can help take a load off your mind. Best of all, VHA’s suite of Business Services is customizable to fit the unique needs of your business. You can use as much or as little as you want. Just want some help to review your books? We can help with that. Need someone to handle managing your payroll, paying bills, and keeping an eye on your bottom line? We can help with that. Think it’s time to tweak your social media or need an entire new website? We can help with that.

We can help with nearly every aspect of your business so that you can focus more on what matters most: caring for animals and the people who love them.

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When you’d rather be reviewing a pet’s health & wellness with your client than reviewing your staff’s timesheets & payroll.

When you’d rather be spending time mentoring that promising employee than spending time trying to balance your end of the month report.

When you’d rather be monitoring your patient’s recovery rather than monitoring your Facebook page and your Google ranking.

For all those times and many, many, more VHA created our Business Services.

What Are Business Services?

VHA started as a group purchasing organization to help veterinarians effectively manage their inventory costs. Over the years they have continued to look for ways to help the veterinary practitioner manage all aspects of their practice. They added cremation services, rebates, quicker delivery options, essential business services (HR, Marketing, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Payroll) and the VHA EXPO that offers CE opportunities in management and medicine. Finally they have & continue to establish professional partnerships with businesses who can help veterinarians be even more successful. I have been a member of VHA for over 35 years because the business is run to help veterinary owners like me. You can always call and talk to a VHA team member for help. I appreciate and value their support. It is in the veterinary community’s best interest to continue supporting them.

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