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PawsTime makes it easy for you to share your philosophy of care and recommendations with pet owners using telephone message on-hold programs.

At PawsTime, we give veterinary practices an effective and affordable way to share their philosophy of care and recommendations with pet owners using telephone message on-hold programs that are virtually effortless.  Practices can easily and effectively market their services and expertise every time a caller is placed on-hold – encouraging client loyalty, increasing referrals and improving overall compliance with pet care.

Our monthly PawdCast is designed for busy practices that want to be sure that client communication is up-to-date, engaging and motivational…all with no effort from your staff - we know you don’t need another project during these difficult times!

Your clients will never again experience wasted time on-hold with silence, staticky radio, boring music, or generic messages.  In fact, telephone hold time can become golden when filled with targeted and educational messaging that motivates pet owners to make better decisions for their pet’s healthcare.

What PawsTime Includes:

  • Monthly message on-hold PawdCast automatically updated on the 1st of each month – that means all new, fresh content every single month without lifting a finger!
  • A fully customized seasonal library created just for your practice
  • Unlimited new custom messages and edits (Fear Free, AAHA Accreditation, new services, new doctor, events, etc.)
  • Monthly Companion Email with upcoming months’ playlists, client communication materials, practice building articles, social media posts, pet quotes, and fun facts

VHA Member Benefits

PawsTime offers VHA members special member-only pricing:

  • Digital Phone Systems
    • $84.00/month (regularly $89.00/month)
    • One-time hardware purchase of $269 (regularly $399)
    • First month free!
  • VOIP Phone Systems
    • $89.00/month (regularly $94.00/month)
    • Onboarding fee waived (regularly $149.00)
    • No hardware required
    • First month free!

PawsTime bills directly to your clinic.



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