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Human Resources

Human Resources

No one ever went to veterinary school because they wanted to manage employees – but that is the reality of owning your own veterinary practice. VHA Business Services can help take the weight of employee management off your shoulders with solutions designed to make your life easier, giving you more time to spend on what is important – your patients.

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Recruitment Services

Interested in expanding your veterinary practice and bringing on new staff? Having a hard time filling open positions? Allow VHA Business Services to expand the reach of your job opening by sharing your posting to millions of potential candidates. In addition, VHA can screen applications and perform the first interview, qualifying potential candidates on behalf of the clinic before introducing them to the veterinary practice owner. Let us help you save time and streamline the entire recruitment process.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are an important part of hiring and retention, but keeping current with various benefit offerings can be challenging. VHA Business Services is here to help veterinary clinics determine which benefits are appropriate - and appealing- for their clinic. We also know clinics are looking for innovative options to offer health insurance options to employees. VHA has partnered with CBIZ to offer a Community Marketplace for VHA members, a totally customizable way to bring benefits to employees who may not receive benefits, are not eligible for traditional benefits, and more.

Custom Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks are a must for any business, as they protect both employer and employee from misunderstandings. They also outline expectations between employer and employee, and are a useful tool for employees to reference should any questions about time-off requests, holidays, uniforms, or policies come up. VHA's Human Resources specialists can consult with veterinary practice owners to review the standard operating procedures for employees, and draft a comprehensive, concise employee handbook for clinic use.

VHA provides our staff with a resource for information on changing regulations and human resources as well as the excellent purchasing power of a large cooperative of veterinarians.

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