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What is VHA?

What Is Veterinary Hospitals Association?

Founded in 1984 in Minnesota by a group of like-minded veterinarians, VHA has been an innovative not-for-profit association dedicated to improving the veterinary landscape for almost 40 years.

We bring together the best parts of a co-op, distributor, & business service provider, all under one roof. VHA offers our members competitive prices on products, exclusive discounts on services from partners, affordable business solutions, low- to no-cost CE opportunities, and reliable & ethical cremation for local clinics.

As a not-for-profit cooperative, we are dedicated to our members, not beholden to investors. We are driven to help you achieve your goals, not by some need to please shareholders. Your success is our success.

We can help you run your business so that you can spend more time doing what you love: taking exceptional care of animals & their people.

What Does VHA Offer?

One-Stop Shop for Veterinary Supplies

By purchasing in volume directly from manufacturers and suppliers, our VHA Warehouse is able to offer members "one-stop shopping" for all the products and supplies a practice needs. Even in today's constantly changing landscape, when members combine as a group, VHA gains tremendous purchasing power, ensuring our membership competitive pricing.

Are you frustrated with trying to get the lowest possible price from your vendors? Are you frustrated by the large national retailers undercutting your costs by a big margin? How do you even know if you are getting the absolute lowest price possible? Every practice owner is looking for ways to control costs and increase margins, without adversely affecting their quality of care.

Unfortunately, as an independent clinic, your options are often limited. As a small independent clinic or hospital, it will be almost impossible to secure the best pricing--you just aren't big enough. Joining a veterinary purchasing group like VHA has become a viable option for many veterinary clinics and hospitals.

Local VHA Members have access to our distribution warehouse, online shopping portal, reusable totes, and dedicated delivery professionals. National VHA Members have access to our expansive list of vendor partners who offer all members exclusive discounts, rebate opportunities, and pricing on hundreds of products and services you use every day.

Business Services

If running your practice is running you ragged, VHA Business Services provides customizable solutions for problems of all sizes for practice's of all sizes. VHA offers professional & affordable business services to veterinary clinics across the nation. Skilled and knowledgeable in the industry, our specialists are ready to help you tackle and find solutions to everything outside of medicine. From bookkeeping to recruiting to marketing and everything in between, VHA has experienced specialists on staff with the knowledge to help you bring your focus back to practicing veterinary medicine.

The unique part of utilizing VHA Business Services is that we can help with as much or as little as you and your business need, customized to your unique needs. Whether it's full practice management to simply reviewing your bookkeeping, we're here to support you and your business goals. In an ever-changing veterinary industry, coupled with a transformative business environment, VHA Business Services Specialists will keep a finger on the pulse of both worlds for you and will quickly become a trusted member of your clinic team.

Continuing Education & Events

Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and others in the industry are required to earn continuing education (CE) credits in order to stay up-to-date on the continuing trends and changes in the industry. With so many continuing education opportunities available, the choices are nearly endless. It all depends on your wants and needs to help further your professional and personal goals, and VHA is here to help.

VHA provides regular opportunities to VHA members and non-members to earn CE credits on a variety of topics, including medical- and business-related. From webinars to dinners to our major events like the VHA Economic Summit and VHA Expo, there are plenty of events that will fit your schedule, needs, and budget.

Partnership Benefits

VHA partners with vendors and manufacturers across the United States that offer the products and services you utilize every day. We negotiate with these partners for exclusive, member-only discounts, pricing, and rebate opportunities. From veterinary supplies to credit processing to printing services and beyond, VHA's members-only deals with our partners are often so valuable that the money you save will using just this benefit cover your membership fees - and then some.

Work with a company you love that isn’t listed? We’re always looking for new companies to partner with, so if you would like to recommend a potential partner, please send your suggestion to

Please note: Some partners are geographically only able to service Local members.

Ethical Cremation Services

When your clients lose a pet, they deserve the highest level of compassion, service, and care. As their trusted experts and doctors, your customers are looking for the appropriate levels of respect and service for the final care that their devoted pet deserves. The care and sensitivity exhibited by the VHA are an important part of our pet cremation services.

VHA’s cremation services were started by veterinarians to provide a dignified, clean, reliable, and respectful method of handling deceased pets. Our system provides options for your client to match their wishes for their loved ones remains - individual, separated, or communal cremation - and utilizes multiple checkpoints to ensure that pets are cremated exactly to the client’s preference. VHA has provided animal cremation to thousands of veterinary hospitals, clinics, zoos, & mobile practices since 1986. We also provide resources dealing with pet loss & bereavement, as well as a range of urns and memorial products.

Please note: VHA cremation services are only available to VHA members who are on established delivery routes. If you have questions about whether or not your practice would be eligible, please contact us at 651-451-6669 or email

Local & National Memberships

VHA currently offers two different types of memberships: Local and National. National memberships are available to any veterinary clinic, animal hospital, zoo, or other veterinary practice of any size - including mobile practices - that are operating in the United States. Local memberships are currently available to practices in Minnesota, Northern Iowa, Western Wisconsin, and the eastern part of the Dakotas. Local memberships include all benefits of National membership with the added option of VHA's Cremation Services. Currently, for logistical reasons, cremation is not available for National members.
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Curious About Membership?

Call VHA’s office or schedule an appointment to learn more about what VHA can do for your veterinary practice today.

And Much More!

Savings with the power of Group Purchasing is important, but so is the assurance that you’re getting the best of the best. Besides thousands of products from major manufacturers and unique vendors at exclusive VHA discounts, members have access to our experienced, knowledgeable team:

    • Veterinary Practice Consultants: Customer solutions from our expert Veterinary Practice Consultants who can assist you with purchases, services, research, and industry compliance and regulatory issues.


    • Inside Account Representatives: Proven expertise from our knowledgeable Inside Account Representatives, available by phone or email for questions, suggestions, concerns, and placing orders.


    • Business Service Specialists: Have an HR, accounting and bookkeeping, or marketing question? Our Business Service Specialists are veterinary experienced and ready to help!


    • Dedicated Delivery Drivers: For VHA members on established routes, our Delivery Drivers are a welcome visit from a trusted friend. They deliver products in reusable totes and support pets as they make their cross over the Rainbow Bridge.


    • Online Ordering: Simple and quick ordering process for Local VHA Members.


    • No Minimum Order Quantities: Order exactly what you need when you need it, helping you easily control inventory. Applies to most, but not all, products carried in the VHA Warehouse.


    • Pay by Credit Card: Easy and convenient, VHA accepts credit card payments on the VHA Membership site (once logged in) and over the phone.

    • VHA Local Member Rebate Opportunities: VHA offers its Local Members several rebate opportunities based on their purchasing with VHA! Learn more about our Rebate Opportunities!

We are so thankful for all three VHA divisions: business services, cremation, and distribution. They have been amazing to work with and are a great resource for private veterinary clinics. They have helped us to hire great key employees, make our bookkeeping simple, and the convenience of their courier service for supplies and cremation can’t be beat!

Let's Talk

Whether you’re a member with a question or you’re a clinic curious about VHA, drop us a message and we’ll get back to you.