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Become A VHA Partner

Become A VHA Partner

Want results? In one calendar year, VHA was able to increase the amount of product sold to our members for one specific manufacturer from $150,000 to $350,000 – an increase of 133%. What can VHA Partnership mean for your business?

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What VHA Partners Have To Say

"My investment in joining VHA as a vendor partner has offered me the best ROI I have ever experienced as a "member/partner" of an association. Their team of professionals really care about making me and my business front of mind with their practice partners. They are always offering new ideas and ways for me to work with their members and offer solutions to their problems with my products and services. I have been a member of a number of associations as a vendor in the past and the VHA is one of the best if have ever partnered with. If you are looking for an association to work with as a business that is trying to connect with Veterinarians you must look at joining the VHA, you won't regret it."

Bill Butler
President of Butler Vet Insurance

Dedicated to Supporting the Veterinary Community

With nearly 400 individual clinics and 1,000 veterinarians, clinic owners, practice managers, and purchasing managers as VHA members, there is a strong purchasing power built within the organization. We provide manufacturers a unique opportunity to reach our members efficiently and effectively in a number of ways.

First, VHA’s reputable Veterinary Practice Consultants (VPC) work directly with members to purchase products, from lab equipment to food for their retail shop. These VPC’s share information and critical updates about products from manufacturers to VHA members. In addition, we also keep in stock several thousand SKUs in our own warehouse, and our dedicated Delivery Drivers deliver these products to members on a daily basis in our reusable totes. Our members also have an Inside Account Representative (IAR) assigned to their account who is committed to providing the highest quality level of customer service our members have come to love and expect.

Through our VPCs, IARs, and regular deliveries, as well as our multitude of marketing opportunities, manufacturers are uniquely equipped to reach a new audience directly, build brand loyalty and increase their bottom line while providing quality products with valuable margins to our members. In addition, we provide manufacturers special opportunities to directly network with members one-on-one through sponsored events, such as CE dinners or booths at our yearly VHA Expo.

Let's Talk About What VHA Partnership Can Do For You?

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