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Bramstedt Surgical Inc.

Bramstedt Surgical Inc.

Bramstedt Surgical, Inc. offers repair and sharpening services for surgical instruments, pneumatic and electric hand tools, endoscopes, and cameras.

With experienced technicians, a full-service shop, and a large inventory of parts, Bramstedt Surgical Inc. will offer VHA Members the highest quality and widest range of instrument repair and sharpening services in the industry. Services include repair and sharpening services for surgical instruments, pneumatic and electric hand tools, endoscopes, and cameras.

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Additional Details

Standard orders will be picked up and delivered back to the clinic via the VHA drivers. To make pick-up and delivery as simple as possible, Bramstedt Surgical Inc. will provide each clinic with their own labeled box to send instruments in, excluding the initial order from each clinic, which will need to be sent using their own packaging materials. Bramstedt Surgical Inc. will return instruments in a Bramstedt box with the clinics name and address on it. This box will stay at the clinic to be used for all future orders. Turnaround is usually 7-10 days and there are no minimum orders. Bramstedt Surgical bills directly to your practice.

Bramstedt Surgical Inc.


Phone: 651-644-7519
524 Apollo Drive Suite 50
Lino Lakes, MN 55014
Bramstedt Surgical Inc.
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