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ePetHealth provides your clients with secure, 24/7 access to their pet's health information, valuable education materials, and a suite of eMarketing tools.

ePetHealth will be able to provide your clients with secure, 24/7 access to their pet's health information, valuable education materials, and a suite of eMarketing tools.  Each practice that enrolls will receive marketing materials to promote the ePetHealth service and encourage clients to participate.

ePetHealth is designed to bring the following benefits:

  • More frequent communication with clients outside of visits
  • Additional traffic to hospital websites for pet health information
  • Consistent and repetitive marketing campaigns
  • Cost savings through eMarketing tools
  • Recaptured revenue from missed appointments and services
  • Improved hospital performance from client feedback
  • Increased compliance

ePetHealth Basic Package

  • Health Service Reminders can be sent via email, text or both. Appointment Reminders can also be sent via email, text or both and clients can easily confirm appointments with one click and your practice is notified in an email or by viewing a report. Dosage Alerts allow you to set email and/or text alerts to be sent to your clients to remind them to give medication you’ve prescribed for your patients.
  • Text On Demand allows you to text your clients directly from your computer, keeping your cell phone number private. Let clients know that the surgery went well, that their pet is ready for pickup and more.
  • E-Marketing tools such as e-Newsletters, Surveys, and Birthday eCards. You can cost effectively communicate with your clients to attract attention and increase visits and client satisfaction.
  • Online client education including informative videos, pet health articles, and a breed library.  Take client education to the next level and boost compliance by teaching clients about their pet in a whole new way.
  • DIA and DIA Reception use cutting edge graphics and imagery, to improve your ability to validate your diagnostic findings and justify in-hospital and referral procedures. Illustrate pathologies and show videos to clients on your computer, or email additional information to the client at home. Help clients make informed decisions about their pet's health and increase compliance with thousands of 3D animations, surgical animations, anatomical illustrations, radiology files, and diagnostic images combined.
  • Practice Metrics are available for all of your client communications and allow you to check on client subscribe and unsubscribe statistics. You can also review all of your enabled communication types at a glance.
  • Social Media Library schedule Facebook posts using ePetHealth prewritten posts or your own. Our writers are veterinarians; posts include links to videos, images and articles.
  • Online medical records where your clients can log in to view medical information, print pet ID cards, view client education materials, and view upcoming appointments or request a new appointment or prescription refill.

ePet Advanced Package - Available a la cart or bundled:

  • Reminder Postcards are the basic and best veterinary marketing tool. Our automated reminder postcards are 4” x 6” and branded to your practice. We print them, stamp them and mail them for you daily. We can even do a custom postcard mailing to your clients for holidays, open houses, or any other special need.
  • Practice-branded Websites create a completely branded website where you own all the content and can update it at any time without needing to rely on an IT person to do it for you. And best of all, our websites are built to improve and maximize your search engine optimization (SEO) and include blog post management, regularly updated news feeds, social media integration, pre-written and customizable vet services descriptions and FAQs, management of customer testimonials, and one on one website development with design and SEO consultation.
  • Reputation Builder increases your online visibility and maximizes your online reputation with enhanced client surveys. Send unlimited custom surveys tailored to each client based on their visit type and get notified automatically when you have new feedback. Reputation builder automatically directs satisfied clients to online review sites like Google and Yelp to increase your star rating and you can choose which reviews to post to your website.
  • Practice-branded App. Our partner, Vet2Pet, helps you stay in touch with clients and reward your best clients for their loyalty with their fully customizable app with built-in loyalty program.You can even send push notifications to your clients with news, alerts, recalls or delays/closures in your practice or updates on their pet.
  • Text On Demand Plus gives your clients plenty of context. You can text medical records, lab results and images and include your own voice-over recording explaining what the results of the labs or diagnostics showed. You can also text groups of clients at once. And even text specialists and other hospitals to keep them in the loop.
  • Online Pharmacy and Home delivery lets you ship your patients’ prescriptions directly to your client’s doorstep from VetSource, using a customized ecommerce platform that is integrated into ePetHealth.  Clients can take advantage of the benefits of Remind Me and Automatic Shipments so they never miss a dose. Plus, they’re getting their pet’s medicine from the person they trust: you.
  • Practice Analytics from VetSuccess takes away the hassle and stress of pulling your practice data. With their monthly ready-to-go reports you can dive directly into actionable insights and focus on creating strategies to grow your practice. RETRIEVER from VetSuccess offers an automated way to bring back lapsing patients and recapture revenue while providing much needed medical care.

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VHA Member Benefits

Patterson Standard Price VHA Price
ePet Basic Enrollment Fee $499 $0
Monthly Fee $189 $159
ePet Premium Enrollment Fee $999 $399
Monthly Fee $279 $249

Additional Details

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