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A Cremation Service Started By Veterinarians

iapcc logoVHA’s cremation services were started by veterinarians to provide a dignified, clean, reliable, and respectful method of handling deceased pets. We strive to provide you a quality service that you can rely on. Multiple checkpoint systems are in place to ensure that pets are cremated exactly to the client’s wishes. We have offered this service to hundreds of veterinary hospitals since 1986. We developed this service to help you, the clinic, to provide a smooth process for your clients.

VHA is a proud member of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories.

Dignified and Caring Service for Your Clients

When your clients lose a pet companion, they deserve the highest level of compassion, service, and care. As their trusted experts and doctors, your customers are looking for the appropriate levels of respect and service for the final care that their devoted pet deserves. The care and sensitivity exhibited by the VHA are an important part of our pet cremation services.

For more than 35 years, VHA has provided a dignified, caring, and reliable cremation service, owned and supervised by member veterinarians. This service allows veterinarians to transition their clients through the loss of their pet. VHA recognizes that pets are members of the family, and the loss of a pet can be very difficult. Our multiple checkpoint system ensures that the cremation of each animal meets the owner's wishes.

Cremation Options Available to Our Members*

Individual Cremation Only one pet is placed inside an individual compartment within the machine and cremated individually.

Separated Cremation – In separated cremation, the pets are separated in the retort by space (2-3 feet). The cremains are returned to the owner through the clinic/practice.

Communal Cremation – In communal cremation, pets are cremated together and cremains are not returned to the owner. The cremains are buried off-site.

VHA offers its members a range of urns and memorial products for purchase as well as resources dealing with pet loss, grief, and bereavement.

* VHA cremation services are available to VHA members who are on established delivery routes.

vha cremation catalog

Cremation Urns & Unique Keepsakes Catalog

The Cremation Urns & Unique Keepsakes Catalog is a resource to aid grieving owners in the choosing of urns. The catalog provides information such as item numbers, urn size, color pictures, and order forms. This a catalog is designed to be used by VHA members on established delivery routes. View urn and keepsake options.

Please Note: Clicking the link will open a new tab and you will be able to view the catalog. To download, locate the cremation download file in the top right of the screen. Click and Save File, and a PDF will be downloaded onto your computer.