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The Cost-Effective Advantage of Veterinary Hospitals Association Business Services 

The Cost-Effective Advantage of Veterinary Hospitals Association Business Services 

At VHA, we understand the unique needs of veterinary practices and the importance of managing costs without compromising on quality. That’s why our business services—including human resources, accounting and bookkeeping, and marketing—are not only top-notch but also significantly more affordable than market rates. Here’s why: 

Why Our Services Are Cheaper 

As a not-for-profit organization, VHA operates with a mission to support veterinary practices rather than generate profits for investors. We have no stakeholders demanding high returns, allowing us to offer our services at cost-effective rates. Any profit we do make is returned to our members in the form of rebates, further reducing their expenses. This member-focused approach ensures that our clients receive the best value for their money. 

Does More Affordable Mean Not As Good?

Absolutely not! Our team is comprised of experts in their fields, all dedicated to helping clinics achieve their goals. Did you know that the same VHA employees you rely on for accounting, HR, and marketing also handle these functions for VHA itself? That’s right—we hold our employees to the highest standards, ensuring they maintain those same standards when working with you and your team.

VHA Business Services Rates – We’re Upfront About It!

  • Human Resources Services: We offer HR services at $75 per hour, offering comprehensive and experienced support tailored to veterinary practices. 
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Services: VHA offers these services at just $65 per hour, ensuring accurate financial management at a fraction of the cost. 
  • Marketing Services:
    • Websites: We can build your veterinary business a brand-new website for just $749 with hosting and maintenance fees at just $80 per month.
    • Social Media Services: Our Monthly Social Media Toolkit starts at just $65 per month, and custom social media management at $65 per hour. The average VHA member spends around $250 per month on custom social media management.
    • Design Services: Our design services are priced at $65 per hour, and we offer some flat rate pricing for certain services, did you know we can design a gorgeous new logo for you for just $450?

The VHA Member Advantage 

Choosing VHA for your business service needs means more than just cost savings. As a member, you’ll benefit from: 

  • Tailored Solutions: Services designed specifically for veterinary practices, ensuring relevance and effectiveness. 
  • Quality Assurance: High-quality services provided by experienced professionals dedicated to the veterinary field. 
  • Efficient Billing: We bill in 15-minute increments to ensure you only pay for the time you use. 
  • Community Support: Access to a network of veterinary professionals and resources aimed at mutual growth and support. 
  • Rebates: Enjoy the financial benefits of our not-for-profit model, with profits returned to you as rebates, reducing your overall expenses even further. 

By opting for VHA’s business services, you’re not only saving money but also investing in a community dedicated to the success of veterinary practices. Our cost-effective solutions ensure that you can focus on what you do best—caring for animals—while we take care of the rest. 

For more information about our services or to join the VHA community, contact us today. Together, we achieve more!