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Boost Your Clinic’s Pet Dental Health Marketing This February: Tips, Ideas, and FREE Resources!

Boost Your Clinic’s Pet Dental Health Marketing This February: Tips, Ideas, and FREE Resources!

Can you believe it? Pet Dental Health Month is here, and boy, are we excited at VHA! We’re on a mission to help you make this the best Pet Dental Health Month yet, and we want you to join us in spreading smiles and promoting wag-worthy dental health for our furry friends.

As passionate veterinary professionals, we know that dental health is key to our pets’ overall well-being. That’s why we’ve pulled together a bark-tastic guide to help you champion healthy grins for pets everywhere during Pet Dental Health Month.

  1. Create Informative Blog Posts: Chat about the importance of pet dental health through engaging blog posts. Dive into common dental issues, share prevention tips, and highlight the benefits of regular check-ups.
  2. Offer Promotions and Discounts: Roll out the red carpet for pet owners by offering special promotions or discounts on dental services throughout the month.
  3. Share Educational Content on Social Media: Hop over to your socials to share informative graphics, videos, and tips about pet dental health. Don’t forget to spread the word and encourage your fur-loving friends to join the conversation!
  4. Host a Pet Dental Health Webinar: Invite your clients to gather ’round the virtual campfire for a webinar extravaganza! Chat with them about common dental issues in pets, proper care techniques, and answer all their burning questions.
  5. Create Printable Infographics or Handouts: Let’s make dental health info easily digestible! Design snazzy infographics and handouts that your clients can download from your website or pick up during your clinic visits.
  6. Run a Social Media Contest: Who’s up for a photo contest? Encourage your clients to show off their pet’s pearly whites with their favorite dental treats or toys for a chance to win a cool prize or bragging rights!
  7. Send Out Email Newsletters: Keep your clients in the loop with an email that dishes out dental health tips, reminders, and all the juicy details about promotions or events at your clinic for Pet Dental Health Month.
  8. Partner with Local Pet Supply Stores or Groomers: Spread the love with local pet pals! Team up with a local pet supply store or groomer to promote dental health awareness and share dental care products. Just give them a call and discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement!
  9. Create a Pet Dental Health Resource Page on Your Website: Create a dedicated page or a landing page chock-full of articles, videos, FAQs, and links to other reputable sources about pet dental health on your website! Make a banner, or a pop-up to promote any specials. If you need help with your website, shoot Liz an email!

Now, for the cherry on top! We’re thrilled to offer you a FREE resource download to help you market Pet Dental Health Month like a pro. Here’s what’s included:

  • 1 Infographic: Visualize key dental health info in a snap!
  • 1 Video: Engage your audience with a captivating video discussing the importance of pet dental health.
  • 2 Flyers: Eye-catching flyers to promote Pet Dental Health Month
  • 4 Social Media Posts: Share informative and engaging posts about pet dental health.
  • 5 Social Media Templates: Customize with your branding and custom specials for cohesive content.
  • A Video Tutorial: Learn how to make the most of these resources like a boss!

With these tips and resources from VHA, you’ll be ready to make a real difference during Pet Dental Health Month. Got questions or need more help? We’re here for you every step of the way! Just send Laura an email!

Here’s to healthy smiles and happy pets!

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