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Fall In Love With These February Social Media Ideas For Veterinary Clinics!

Fall In Love With These February Social Media Ideas For Veterinary Clinics!

February is packed with holidays and observations to fill your calendar with content! Here are some important dates to keep in mind:

Let’s switch it up and start with everyone’s favorite monthly observance – It’s Pet Dental Health Month! Here are some ideas to help get those wheels turning:

  • Show the power of dental health with some before and after photos
  • Tell a story about a more complicated cleaning and steps pet owners can take to avoid getting to that point.
  • Feature some dental-focused products that you recommend, carry in-house for purchase, or that are available in your online pharmacy.
  • Share some photos of pet teeth in the various stages of dental disease.

Additionally, Pet Dental Health Month is a great time to have a special offer! Here are some of my favorites:

  • Offer a small discount for appointments booked in February for dental appointments.
  • Give a service (free nail trims are always a big hit!) for anyone who books a dental appointment in February.
  • Dental health goodie bags are always fun! Throw in a dental chew or treat, a toothbrush and sample toothpaste, and plenty of literature about dental care.

No samples on hand? No worries! Pet Smile samples are available for purchase in our warehouse and perfect for Pet Dental Health Month!

Remember — It’s important to set a deadline to avoid client frustrations, and it’s important not to overburden yourself or your staff. Instead of limiting your special offer to appointments that only occur in February, consider having your offer apply to appointments made in February that occur within the next few months (Make a dental appointment this February for a date between February 1st – THE END OF YOUR DEADLINE, and receive YOUR SPECIAL OFFER!) Doing this will allow you to see your regularly scheduled exams where you can make a dental recommendation without forcing them to rush back the following week to take advantage of your special offer – with the added benefit of spaced-out appointments and future bookings!

February is also home to Spay and Neuter Awareness Month, as well as National Cat Health Month! If you would prefer to focus on these topics, the same special offers and awareness posts can be translated over if you would prefer!

Kick off the month with a Preventative Reminder! Last month on the 1st we were all too busy with New Year’s wishes and resolutions. It’s time to get those reminders going because prevention is a year-round effort and protecting pets from parasites is an excellent way for owners to show their pet all the love!

If you see exotics, be sure to feature your favorite hedgie patients on February 2nd. This could take a little planning as they aren’t the most common pet, so be sure to gather those photos now. If you don’t see exotics, have fun celebrating Groundhog Day!

Everyone’s favorite goofball breed is celebrated on February 3rd. It’s Golden Retriever Day and the perfect opportunity to highlight all those golden treasures you see in your Facebook and Instagram stories. February 3rd is a twofer because it’s also National Doggy Date Night. Encourage your followers to make a date with their pooch for a special dinner, relaxing belly rub, stroll through the park, or a movie marathon cuddle session on the couch!

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast. There are tons of cute ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day on social media, but my favorite idea would be to post pets at their appointments in stories with all of the cute heart stickers and love songs you can muster. Additionally, make a Facebook post asking pet parents to share their sweet furry Valentine in the comments. Don’t forget to share some safety reminders a few days before (no chocolates or champagne for pets and no lilies in the bouquet for cat owners!)

Valentine’s Day can be all cute and fun, but February 14th is also Pet Theft Awareness Day. While pet theft can’t always be prevented, there are tips you can share with pet owners that can help mitigate their risk such as microchipping, never leaving pets alone in cars, and being vigilant about supervision.

It’s like a second Valentine’s Day just for pets! National Love Your Pet Day is on February 20th. Give more details about the human-animal bond, or ask your clients what they love most about their pet.

Walk Your Dog Day is on February 22nd and could be an excellent opportunity to help connect your community in the outside world. I love the idea of facilitating a group walk among clients – throw out a post to see if anyone would be interested – you never know who could make a new best friend.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, appreciates a dog biscuit quite like our canine companions. Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day is on February 23rd and a good time to ask your followers- which biscuit makes all of their dog’s snack dreams CRUMB true? The results might be surprising, but they also might be the good old classic Milk-Bone!

Spay Day is February 28th and if your team volunteers time for spay/neuter clinics or if you work with a local shelter to provide these services, brag on yourself a bit today! You can also remind clients of the importance of this procedure for non-breeding pets, highlight the process of a spay surgery, or give some post-op tips for clients.

February is a short month and absolutely packed with education, engagement, and entertainment opportunities. If you just don’t have the time for social media, VHA can lend a hand! For $60, you’ll receive 17 graphics, captions to copy and paste, templates to customize, and tutorials to assist you with topics like scheduling your content, adding your logo, and more.

We use Microsoft OneDrive for large file transfers, and a link will be emailed to you within 24 hours. If you are experiencing any issues with purchasing or receiving your content, send us an email!