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Fall in LOVE With These February Social Media Ideas For Veterinary Clinics!

Fall in LOVE With These February Social Media Ideas For Veterinary Clinics!

Ah, the month of LOVE! There is SO much to celebrate in the short little month of February. Buckle up – let’s get creative!

Calendar of pet related events for social media posts for February

Kick off the month with a preventative reminder! Last month on the 1st we were all too busy with New Years’ wishes and resolutions. It’s time to get those reminders going because prevention is a year-round effort.

If you see exotics, be sure to feature your favorite hedgie patients on February 2nd! This could take a little planning as they aren’t the most common pet, so be sure to gather those photos now! If you don’t see exotics, have fun celebrating Groundhog Day! A great idea for this holiday would be a photo of a staff member or pet outside either with or without a shadow – it’s all up to old Punxsutawney Phil, but it’s ALWAYS 6 more weeks of winter here in Minnesota! Get creative, I’m sure there are some rodent teeth and ears you can add to the photo in post-production!

Everyone’s favorite goofball breed is celebrated on February 3rd! It’s Golden Retriever Day and the perfect opportunity to highlight all those golden treasures you see in your Facebook and Instagram stories! February 3rd is a twofer because it’s also National Doggy Date Night! Encourage your followers to make a date with their pooch for a special dinner, relaxing belly rub, stroll through the park, or a movie marathon cuddle session on the couch!

Valentine’s Day is on a Monday this year, which means you get to shower patients with love! There are tons of cute ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day on social media, but my favorite idea would be to post pets at their appointments in stories (with all of the cute heart stickers and love songs you can muster!) AND make a Facebook post asking pet parents to share their sweet furry Valentine in the comments!

Valentine’s Day can be all cute and fun, but February 14th is also Pet Theft Awareness Day. Have you noticed an uptick in the number of desperate pleas for help surrounding stolen pets on social media? According to multiple news outlets, pet thefts are on the rise. In fact, it is estimated that about two million domestic animals were stolen in the U.S. in 2021 and less than 10% were reunited with their families. My suggestion for bringing some light to pet theft? Blog about it. You can explore local statistics and offer tips for pet owners on how not to become one of those statistics. Another great idea for pet theft awareness? Make a video!

It’s like a second Valentine’s Day just for pets! National Love Your Pet Day is on February 20th and because we heart stickered and love songed ourselves out on Valentine’s Day, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to dig into some of the science behind the human-animal bond!

No one, and I mean NO ONE, appreciates a Dog Biscuit quite like our canine companions. Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day is on February 23rd, and a good time to ask your followers- just which biscuit makes all of their dog’s snack dreams CRUMB true? If you’re feeling adventurous, create a poll-style graphic using different reactions to correspond with different types of popular biscuits! (RIP to the poll feature that was removed from business pages in 2021, thanks a lot, Zuckerberg!)

There are quite a few Monthly observances in February! I would suggest focusing on:

  • Pet Dental Health Month
  • National Cat Health Month
  • Spay and Neuter Awareness Month

Check Out These Tips:

Make an informative post about all three. Consider making a video or going live to highlight the ones that you really want to dive deep into. If you can, run a special on cat appointments, dental appointments, or spays/neuters to highlight on social media. If you can’t offer discounts, maybe a small giveaway for any pet parent that makes an appointment for one of these services is in order. Last, but certainly not least, be sure to capture photos and videos of cat appointments, dental exams/cleanings (before and after shots of dental cleanings always get the message across!), and spays/neuters for stories and post shares – just remember, not TOO gory! You’ll scare away the normal folk!

Headshot of Laura Bush, Social Media Marketing ExpertHave you looked at your Facebook cover photo recently? Does it need a refresh? DOUBLE DIP.

When you make a Facebook post asking your clients to share photos, save them in a special folder. Once you have a couple, head over to Canva and arrange them in a new cover photo! You can refresh as often as you would like, and followers will be eager to share new photos for their chance to be featured – making this suggestion a total WIN/WIN – new cover photo and more participation! Better than a box of chocolates, here is my Valentine’s Day gift to you, a Canva template you can use for your cover photo! 

You spoke, and VHA listened! Social media shouldn’t come at the expense of burdening an already stretched-thin staff, and hiring a social media manager is expensive. You need an option that is cost-effective, easy to use, and contains quality material that your clients will actually want to see and engage with. You told us what you needed, and we are so excited to offer a solution – You can now purchase a monthly premade social media package from VHA for just $60!

Here is what is included:

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A calendar complete with suggested days to post AND captions you can use – it can be as simple as copy + paste!

A video, 1-3 minutes in length focusing on a new topic each month.

6 drag and drop templates with monthly themes to make sharing patient photos a BREEZE! (Facebook and IG posts and stories sizes)

Tutorials to help you add your logo to the material and schedule your content in advance.


Ready to wag your tail? We know you and your clients will love this content, and we think that seeing is believing, so…

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