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Is Your Clinic’s Facebook Page At Risk Of Being Deleted?!

Is Your Clinic’s Facebook Page At Risk Of Being Deleted?!

Sweet dog face in black and whiteWay back in the day, signing up for a business page on Facebook did not require a personal Facebook account. For example, your clinic manager circa 2008 saw the value of Facebook, so they created a business page for your clinic. It wasn’t linked to the clinic manager’s personal account because they didn’t have one. Whenever the account needs tending to, you simply log in with the email and password associated with the page. This is a gray account.

If your page has been operational for years as an independent business page that is not directly tied to a personal account as the owner of the page, it will likely be deleted on or around June 1st.

Why is this happening? Gray accounts do not have access to the same security features as standard accounts and Meta has decided that in order to uphold the security of Facebook, the

sunsetting of these accounts is necessary for improved security and account safety on Facebook.

If you are currently operating a gray account, you have likely been receiving notifications from Facebook about deactivation and the next steps. Here is what you can do if Meta has notified you of your gray account:

  • Use the existing standard account that represents you as an individual (or create a new one if you do not already have one) to continue using Facebook.
    • Remember: Facebook only allows an individual to have one Facebook account. You can create an alternate account – your clinic cat might be a good option!
  • Transition ownership of your clinic’s business page by granting your standard account full access to the page (or group) and using your standard account to manage them moving forward. Access can be granted by logging into your gray account page, selecting settings from the left-hand menu, and then Page Roles from the now expanded settings menu. From there you will be shown a search box where you can locate your personal or alternate account and grant full access.


Additionally, VHA can assist! If you are receiving notifications about your clinic’s gray account and simply don’t have time, or if you have any other social media needs, our resident social media fanatic Laura is available to help!