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Take Some Stress Out of Your Summer with These Hot Social Ideas!

Take Some Stress Out of Your Summer with These Hot Social Ideas!

Here comes summer! 🥳 From hot weather safety to National Best Friends Day, there are tons of opportunities to educate, entertain, and engage with your clients on social media!

Calendar of pet related events for social media posts for June

It’s time for that all-important Monthly Preventative Reminder on June 1st! As schools let out for the summer, you can bet your clients are making plans for outdoor activities. Remind clients that spending more time outdoors means more chances for their furry friend to pick up pesky fleas and ticks, along with the dangers of those annoying mosquitos!

Who doesn’t love giving their feline friend a little snuggle? National Hug Your Cat Day is on June 4th and is the perfect opportunity to engage with cat-owning clients! I love asking for selfies of clients snuggling their cats or asking clients to rate their cat’s level of snuggly on a scale of 10, 1 being NO TOUCHY and 10 being an absolute clinger!

Pet Appreciation Week starts on June 5th and runs until June 11th. This week, cover all of the essential elements of successful veterinary social media and educate, entertain, and engage on this subject. You could create a piece of media that highlights ways to show your pet appreciation, entertain with some in-clinic photos of pets that you appreciate, and engage by posing questions such as “how do you show your pet appreciation?” or “

It’s National Best Friends Day on June 8th! The particular friendship we share with our pets and that our pets sometimes share with other pets is worth celebrating! Ask clients to share photos of their pets with their best friends! You will get a few selfies, some adorable pet duos, and maybe even a pet and their favorite toy!

One of the most complex parts of veterinary medicine and pet ownership is when a pet’s life comes to a close, and they journey over the rainbow bridge. World Pet Memorial Day is June 14th and a time to pay tribute to all of the beautiful memories made and love shared between owners and their pets. Allowing space for owners to share stories and photos of their beloved companions can be truly healing for both pet owners and the staff that played a role in the pet’s life. These topics can sometimes be hard to navigate, so here is some messaging that I hope you will find helpful when crafting your post:

“Today, we honor and remember all of the pets waiting for us on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Pets change and shape our lives in so many amazing ways, and we are so thankful for the small role we got to play in your life together. Feel free to leave your memories and photos of your gone but never forgotten pets in the comments; we love remembering them with you. But, if it feels too soon or too hard to share, please know that all of our love and thoughts are with you today and always.”

Hooray for Dads! Father’s Day is June 19th so remember to celebrate all of the great dads and dad-like figures out there!

Do you have a clinic cat? Then, take Your Cat to Work Day on June 20th could be an excellent opportunity to describe their on-the-job duties like official treat tester, client greeting services, and seat warmer!

IT’S HERE! Summer starts on June 21st, and it also happens to be National Selfie Day! Celebrate both by asking clients to share their favorite selfies with their pets and ask what their pet is looking forward to most this summer! 

Who runs the world? Cats. Cats are indeed poised for world domination, from internet sensations to being the center of their households. Cat World Domination Day on June 24th, and just for fun, ask your clients what new laws we would have to follow if their cat was in charge of the world!

Did you know that all of us social media gurus have our day? June 30th is National Social Media Day and a time to celebrate how social media has revolutionized communication and how we interact. So here are some thoughts for posting:

  •            Gain some social insight: have you ever made a post asking your followers what they enjoy seeing on your clinic’s social media? Gather some valuable information by asking them for their feedback!
  •            Celebrate the brain behind the keyboard! Not always the most manageable topic to post about but make today all about you- social media extraordinaire!
  •            Calling all pet accounts! Check with your following to see if any of their pets have their own accounts so that you can follow them! This is a great way to interact with clients outside of the clinic’s page 😊

There are lots of monthly observances to sprinkle into your calendar! Here are my suggestions:

Adopt-A-Cat Month and Social PETworking Month are two observances that you can tie together! What is Social PETworking, you may ask? Social PETworking uses social media to help pets in need by sharing and promoting information about them to help find their FURever FURmilies! This is the PURRfect opportunity to partner with a local shelter or rescue to help PETwork their available animals and give a little focus on their available cats for Adopt-A-Cat Month!

Microchips are so vital that we are double-dipping. Last month was National Chip Your Pet Month, and with a turn of phrase, June is National Microchipping Month (I don’t make the rules, I write about them 😉) Get more eyes on the information you shared about microchips last month by resharing or further elaborate on what you discussed in May!

June is National Pet Preparedness Month, so be sure to get some information out about the steps pet owners need to take to be prepared. Take a moment to consider situations that your area could be faced with and elaborate from there. For example, here in Minnesota, we frequently receive tornado warnings in June, so tornado preparedness is essential to us! If you are in Florida, you might want to talk about hurricanes or earthquakes in California.

The start of summer means a whole new set of safety considerations for pet owners. There are tons of topics to touch on throughout the summer from swim safety to hot pavement. A blog is a great place to compile all of the necessary information for pet owners, and from there, you can post on these particular topics throughout the season!

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