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HOT July Social Media Ideas for Vet Clinics

HOT July Social Media Ideas for Vet Clinics

Welcome sweet summertime! Swimming, barbeques, family adventures, and outdoor escapades – what could be better? How about some ideas to educate, entertain, and engage with your clients on social media this July? Keep reading for some July-spiration!

Calendar of pet related events for social media posts for July

It’s time for that all-important Preventative Reminder on July 1st! Play into a summertime theme like backyard BBQs and picnics to remind your clients that they do not want their pet to end up on the menu for hungry fleas, ticks, and heartworm-infected mosquitos!


July 1st is also ID Your Pet Day. Have you seen the trend recently of people having their pet’s ID tags be informational AND funny?! My cat, Cricket, currently has a tag that reads “Holy Hairballs! I’m definitely lost.” with my contact information on the back of the tag. Turning something important like pet ID tags fun can help inspire clients to update and replace worn tags. I love the idea of creating a graphic that takes a poll on the funniest tag and allows clients to vote for their favorite using Facebook reactions.


You’ve informed clients to arrange medication pick-ups, and you’ve given tips for comforting firework frightened pets (are you following VHA on Facebook? We created some fantastic pieces free for clinics to use on these two subjects!) So now it’s time to celebrate! Wish your followers a Happy Independence Day on July 4th, and ask them to share photos of their festive pets! Don’t forget to update clients on your hours if you’re closed.


Sweet, curious, cuddly- Kittens are just the best! Celebrate National Kitten Day on July 10th by asking clients to share photos of their adorable little kittens!


Pet-obsessed parents DEFINITELY took some great photos of their pets celebrating the 4th! All American Pet Photo Day on July 11th is a great time to get client participation by asking them to share their favorite photos of their pet!


Utilize Pet Fire Safety Day on July 15th to go over how pet parents can help prevent pet-related fires and the steps they can take to help ensure their pet’s safety in a fire emergency. Sweeten the pot even more and give away pet rescue emergency stickers! There are many aspects to unpack here, so this topic would be great for a blog!


Social Media Graphic for the Emoji Game

It’s World Emoji Day on July 17th! This game is ALWAYS fun – feel free to recreate it or save and share it! 

Encourage some conversation on social media for Get To Know Your Customers Day on July 21st! For example, ask them, “What is one thing about your pet that we may not know?” to learn more about your furry patients!


We like big (and little!) mutts, and we cannot lie! Celebrate those unique mutts on National Mutt Day on July 31st! Ask your clients to share a photo of their mutt in the comments of your post and make it even more fun by encouraging a guessing game to see if other clients in your community can guess the mixes!


It’s a pet owner’s worst nightmare – their cat slips through the front door, their dog digs under the fence, and they bound off into the unknown – losing a pet is terrifying. But, with statistics like 1 in 3 pets going missing at some point in their life, it’s essential to provide information about steps pet pawrents can take to help prevent a lost pet situation in honor of Lost Pet Prevention Month!


National Feed a Rescue Pet Week runs from July 27th-August 3rd. This week is the perfect opportunity to bring your clients together as a community to collect food donations for a local shelter! If you are able, consider offering a small reward such as a free nail trim or $$ off their next appointment, or a donation match option. Don’t forget to update clients about how much was raised and to share photos of your team dropping off the donation!


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! July is Pet Hydration Awareness Month and the perfect time to educate your clients on the signs of dehydration, the dangers of dehydration, and tips and tricks for keeping their pets adequately hydrated this summer!


It’s Independent Retailer Month! Take some time to thank clients for choosing you as their veterinary care provider and for shopping your online or in-house pharmacy!

Headshot of Laura Bush, Social Media Marketing Expert


Take some time to learn more about your analytics tools in the Meta Business Suite this month! These tools can tell you SO MUCH about your audience, your efforts on social media, and even how you are stacking up against your competitors. There are tons of great free resources on YouTube that can help you get to know these tools and how to translate the information you can glean from them into results. If you would prefer a more one-on-one conversation about analytics, schedule some time with me!

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