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Get Social This September With These Ideas For Veterinary Social Media!

Get Social This September With These Ideas For Veterinary Social Media!

September is right around the corner! A fresh start and a new season are exactly what the veterinarian ordered. Keep your clients educated, engaged, and entertained this back-to-school season with these helpful social media ideas for vet clinics!

social media calendar for veterinarians for September 2022

September 1st is a great time to remind clients that fleas and ticks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and it’s time for preventatives! It’s also Ginger Cat Appreciation Day, so spice things up a bit with some fun facts about orange cats, or showcase some ginger feline patients!

National Wildlife Day is September 4th. Let’s talk about those all-important 3 E’s and how we can apply them to this observance:

Education: Throw out some information about keeping pets and wildlife safe by keeping distance, or chat about diseases that the wildlife in your area can carry or the other dangers they pose to local pets.

Engagement: Every pet has that one wild critter that stirs their animal instincts, so ask your clients what wild animal drives their pet nuts!

Entertainment: Do you have a clinic cat that likes to chirp at the birdfeeder through the window? A video of them in action will certainly entertain the masses!

Why not all 3 E’s? Combine all of them into one fantastic National Wildlife Day post! For example:

Cricket is on PIDGEON PATROL! For most dogs and cats, wildlife like squirrels and birds trigger their urge to hunt. National Wildlife Day is a great reminder that while our pets may take a special interest in wildlife, it’s in their best interest not to allow chasing or killing. From scratches and bites to parasites and diseases, wildlife can harm your pet! Always enjoy wild creatures from a distance (or, like Cricket, through a sliding glass door). Certain toys like cat wands, flirt poles for dogs, and games like hide-and-seek and treat or toy treasure hunts can help satisfy their hunting desires in a safe and controlled way!

So we all know it’s the birds for Cricket. What wild animal drives your pet nuts?

cat looking out a window

Time to soak up that last little bit of summer on September 5thLabor Day! You are sure to have tons of clients venturing out for the long weekend but don’t forget to remind them if you will be closed (and to fill prescriptions sometime before 10 minutes before you close up shop before the long weekend!). Safety tips are also a great topic, and I suggest making points about BBQ safety, water safety, creepy crawlies, and safe traveling!

Hooray for Autumn! The First Day of Fall is September 22nd and as with any change in season, it’s a great time to review seasonal safety topics. I also really enjoy asking clients what their pet is looking forward to most with the change in season!

World Rabies Day is on September 28th and a good time to remind clients that rabies is not something from the distant past or a problem only in faraway places. On the contrary, rabies cases in the US are rising (up about 11% in wildlife), and there were even 5 cases of human rabies last year, the most yearly human cases in the US in over a decade. Check your state’s health department website to help share facts and numbers relevant to your clients.

September 18th-24th is National Dog Week, so feature K9 patients and other dog-related content all week long! This would be a fantastic time to hold a doggy photo contest, throw out some dog facts, or share some funny dog comics.

As you can see on the calendar above, there are a TON of pet-related monthly observances in September. Here are some ideas for the big ones!

Happy Cat Month: Cats can be hard to read, so help your clients understand the subtle ways their cats are telling them they are happy! If you have a clinic cat, this would be great information coming from them.

Food Safety Education Month: Not specific to pets, this is still a great opportunity to once again help educate clients on safe and unsafe foods and diets.

Pet Insurance Month: Does your clinic take pet insurance? Talk about the options clients have in regards to insurance.

Responsible Dog Ownership Month: Dogs require whole dog care! Being a responsible dog owner means keeping dogs happy, healthy, and safe by taking care of their basic dietary, medical, physical, and psychological needs, and so much more. Ask your clients what being a responsible dog owner means to them!

Animal Pain Awareness Month: Highlight signs that pets could be experiencing pain and common unseen conditions that could be causing pain!

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